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All natural. Organic. Pure. Going green. Whatever you want to call it, I’m trying to do it. Why?

Not because I am an “environmentalist” and I believe in “global warming” or that we need to save the earth… and not because I am a hippy or “green peace”… but because I believe that living as natural as possible (and that will be different for each person/family) is what is best for our bodies and our earth… and because God made us stewards over both.

It used to be normal to eat homegrown, fresh fruits and veggies and wild caught/hunted or homegrown meat/fish.

You made homemade soaps using pure ingredients… and whatever you didn’t have, you did without. “Organic” was

“Organic” was the normal.

I hate what our modern diet, cleaning products, and health care products have done to us. My family suffers from eczema, food allergies (dairy, peanuts, egg whites, tomatoes, bananas), autoimmune diseases (sarcoidosis, asthma), immune deficiencies (IgA), and just plain not feeling well (not to mention Abigail’s Mitochondrial Disease!).

We’ve slowly weeded out toxins over the years, going more and more “clean” or “pure”… but I learn something new every day it seems. I am making choices to be healthier as time and money allows.

I know that when we eat “clean” (starting with pure ingredients and cooking from scratch… as much as we’ve been able to so far) we feel better, Josiah has less asthma, Marcus & I have less eczema, we all have better/happier attitudes, etc.

But, it IS hard to stick to it when the easy, fast foods are cheap and readily available. They are easy and cheap for a reason, though… ugh!

Having just come out of my 4 months of pregnancy sickness (I am over 5 months along now), I am all revved up to be healthy again and I have the energy to do it! I’ve been researching, saving recipes/blogs for ideas, and adding to my small list of needed ingredients each month.

I am hoping to share the cleaning and health products that I test, use, and like with all of you! Because of my life situation (homeschooling, pregnant with number 8, oldest child not yet 9, a terminally ill/disabled child, etc.), I will be looking for the easiest products without sacrificing quality and purity. I hope you will benefit from it, too!

Just to start, I’ll share this website that has a lot of great natural recipes that I plan to try.

I intend to make homemade dishwasher detergent, hand soap, toothpaste, lotion, shampoo/body wash, clothes detergent, cleaning products, etc. I also want to learn more about using essential oils. As well, as eating as “clean” as possible.

Keep in mind, we can only eat as clean as money will allow and some things like flour will be bought slightly processed, since we do not have a mill to grind our own (I want one, though!). My goal with all things, is to buy each ingredient in its pure form and then make my own products… but, since time and energy are a factor, I know that some things will simply have to be bought ready-made.

So, for this season of my life… I will be trying to be as natural as is possible for us. One homemade cleaning recipe at a time…

4 thoughts on “Clean Living

  1. I can't wait to hear what you learn! We have been slowly going "clean" too…with food and cleaning our home. Money is a huge issue though so I try to do the best I can! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear this! So many of the preservatives and chemicals in our food/environment are mito toxins..(consider removing all corn, even hidden corn,GMO corn absorbs tons of Round up which is a very dangerous neuro and mito toxin) it has helped our daughter tremendously to eliminate a ton of "junk". I grew up in a community that put a high value on homemade and homegrown. From bread to cookies it was all homemade. As I started visiting friends for playdates and they had packaged foods,I thought they were the weirdest thing I had ever seen! 🙂 Wish I had kept to a clean diet to begin with, but it is never too late. Really, it was only 2 generations ago that chemically coated foods did not exist. We call it the "wonder bread era".. so, as recently as the 50's the majority of Americans ate pretty clean. It was in the 40's when our government started enriching various foods(to help the poor get vitamins in their limited diets)with synthetic vitamins. Since then most synthetic vitamins are now grown on corn sugar which means a bit of round up with your vitamins.. sigh.. clean, fresh,local, single ingredient food. It is not easy! But so worth it.

    1. Hi Diane! thanks for your comment. I agree 100% with the whole corn and GMO thing… not good at all for us! My challenge with Abigail is that she is strictly tube fed via jtube and is currently on a medical food which is over 50% corn!! 🙁 I've hated this for years but have not yet been able to switch her food… ideally to a whole, real food diet…. so far we haven't been able to get a real food blend through her tube.

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