Deep Clean Your Body To Reset Metabolism, Cravings, And Health

Deep Clean Your Body To Reset Metabolism, Cravings, And Health


In addition to spring cleaning your house, make it a little more personal this year and deep clean your body, too. Now is a great time to detox, reset your metabolism, kick cravings, and improve your health. Actually, any time of the year is a great time to take back your health!

I am starting this journey for better health, more energy, and weight loss. I want to share what I am doing and some other resources that are helpful for a deep cleansing of the body.

I am not a medical doctor (or any type of doctor, for that matter), so please be sure to check with a healthcare provider before diving in.

spring cleaning for the rest of us - deep clean your body

How To Deep Clean Your Body

First of all, I am using the Trim Healthy Mama Fuel Cycle Plan to jump-start my metabolism, kick my cravings, and change my lifestyle.

I am very familiar with THM and I had great results following the THM Plan when I started back in June 2013. I started 100% when my 7th baby was about 6-weeks-old and within 2-months I was down to my lowest weight since I had my first baby in 2005!

More importantly, I felt really great, too! My energy and autoimmune disease were both greatly improved.

The Rest Of The Story

I became pregnant with my 8th baby in August 2013 and continued on-plan and was doing great until the 8th month of pregnancy. Our oldest daughter had a medical emergency which left her fighting for her life in PICU for the last 3 weeks of my pregnancy.

Living in the hospital, I was eating junk food and sugar-filled coffee to survive. We were “let out” just 2 days before my baby was born!

Since then, I have struggled to eat healthily and keep weight off. I currently weigh the most I have ever weighed while not pregnant and my health has been declining. I need to feel well in order to care for my family!

So, I am determined to reset my health! 

While I am following a specific plan, there are many general ways for you to deep clean your body – without addressing any specific health issues or medical/dietary needs.

Drastic Measures

Cut out added sugar.

Cut out processed food.

Eat whole foods.

Start with single ingredient items.

Cook/bake from scratch.

Eat healthy fats.

Eat healthy carbs.

Eat healthy protein.

Drink lots of fluids, starting with more water.

Drink and eat things that will flush your body of toxins.

Be more active.

How-To Ideas

Use pure stevia, Truvia, or raw honey for a sweetener.

Add coconut oil, olive oil, fresh avocados, and other healthy fats to your diet.

Get most of your carbs from veggies and whole grains.

Eat wild-caught salmon, grass-fed beef/lamb, and lean poultry.

Use an Instant Pot for healthier, quicker meals. 

Drink real bone broth or add gelatin to hot tea to support your gut health.

Drink iced green tea or water with raw apple cider vinegar and sweetened with low-glycemic sweetener and/or fruit infused water.

Take a high-quality probiotic to help heal the gut for better overall health.

Take Epsom Salt and/or essential oil baths.

Start a tummy-safe and quick exercise routine that can be done in your own living room, to boost your metabolism and tone your body.

Utilize resources on the web to educate yourself on better health.

These are all things I am working on in addition to the specific food plan I am following for 2-weeks. After the two-week fuel cycle, I will be eating THM-style using the freestyle method. If you would like to learn more about the Trim Healthy Mama Plan, read this or this (which is what I use).

Have you ever done a detox? How did you do it and what were your results?

One thought on “Deep Clean Your Body To Reset Metabolism, Cravings, And Health

  1. I just started a fuel cycle and my main problem is quitting the dairy! I caved and put a tablespoon of cream in my bulletproof coffee and a slice of cheese on my sausage and eggs. Otherwise I have been doing fine. I haven’t lost anything for a year but never had the time to do a fuel cycle. I decided I would never have the time so I would just have to make the time. Eating out is also hard. Tonight we will be driving in to Church for the Good Friday service and we usually stop in Ballard to eat because it takes a couple hours to drive in on a Friday night. The place we usually stop at has wonderful fish and chips. I hope they have a grilled fish I can have so I don’t cave in. 🙂

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