13 Ways To Strengthen A Marriage {free art print}

In honor of our anniversary September 28th, I thought I’d share 13 ways to strengthen a marriage. These are practical ways a committed couple can grow together. For more than 13 years we have grown together. It has been hard, it has been joyous, it has been sorrowful, it has been wonderful, it has been terrible, but mostRead more

19 Bible Verses For The Special Needs Life {Free Printable}

19 Bible Verses For The Special Needs Life - Plus Free Printable!

  We are a family with several medical and special needs. I know that having children with special and/or medical needs can be very tiring and hard! Since our oldest was born over a decade ago, we have been thrown into a world of hospitalizations, nebulizers, inhalers, food allergies, gastric/jejunal feeding tubes, multiple medications daily, never ending doctorRead more