Create A Holiday Season Of Rest {FREE Printable}

Create A Holiday Season Of Rest With Free Printable

  Take a moment to think about the coming Holiday Season. Are you anticipating a season of rest or stress? Do you feel peaceful, excited, and joyful as you think about the family gatherings, gift shopping, and holiday preparation? Or do you get a feeling of anxiety, stress, and overwhelm at the thought of hosting a holiday meal, shoppingRead more

How I Study God’s Word {FREE Biblical Word Study Journal Pages}

How I Study God's Word and Free Biblical Word Study Journal Pages

  I love to study words, their meanings, and the history of the English language. I kind of geek out when chatting with my homeschool friends about language arts curriculum, books, or literature. As a Christian woman, I also love God’s Word. But, the sad truth is that I find it hard to really studyRead more

50 Date Ideas From Frugal To Fancy {Free Printable}

I love practical, comfortable, and relaxing dates with my husband. But, I also enjoy doing new things, exploring, and having a good time with him! Valentine’s Day and other special dates (like your wedding anniversary) are a great excuse to plan a date with your man. I definitely support weekly date nights, but making Valentine’sRead more

19 Bible Verses For The Special Needs Life {Free Printable}

19 Bible Verses For The Special Needs Life - Plus Free Printable!

  We are a family with several medical and special needs. I know that having children with special and/or medical needs can be very tiring and hard! Since our oldest was born over a decade ago, we have been thrown into a world of hospitalizations, nebulizers, inhalers, food allergies, gastric/jejunal feeding tubes, multiple medications daily, never ending doctorRead more