31 Things For Stay At Home Moms To Do For Fun

As stay-at-home wives and homeschool moms, it is hard to get out of the house to try new things. That’s really okay, though, because making our house a home, being there for our husbands, and raising our children are very important reasons!

That does not mean that we can not have some hobbies of our own or do things that we love. You can even earn a supplemental income doing what you love! I love writing and researching, so I naturally am drawn to those types of activities that can be done at home.

However, there are SO many things you can do from the comfort of your own home without sacrificing time away from your husband & kids. Whether it is 15-minutes or 1-hour, you can find time in your day before the kids wake up, or when they are napping or otherwise occupied, to do something you enjoy.

Whether you have a passion for cooking, teaching, coloring, reading, crafting, or anything else… there is something here for just about anyone!

31 Things For Stay At Home Moms To Do For Fun

1. Take a short online class. You can choose from art classes, cooking classes, sewing classes, and so much more!

2. Read one new book per month.

3. Grow a vegetable garden or potted herbs.

4. Try a new recipe once a week or month.

5. Get more active by taking an easy online exercise course with brief routines.

6. Do some scrapbooking.

7. Have fun with photography by taking photos of your children, nature in your backyard, and other objects. You can even sell them online.

8. Write a book. Self-publishing and eBooks have made it quite inexpensive to get published and sell your book!

9. Make homemade lotion, lip balm, household cleaners, laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and more.

10. Learn to play a musical instrument.

11. Learn to paint.

12. Start Art Journaling.

13. Read through the entire Bible.

14. Start a blog!

15. Start a home-based business, like this or this.

16. Make homemade cards for friends and family.

17. Create & sell homeschool curriculum via the internet.

18. Tutor an online class.

19. Teach a homeschool class in your home to the children in your local homeschool group.

20. Learn to can and preserve food.

21. Take an online course in something that interests you, like a Vintage Remedies course.

22. Continue your education via an online college.

23. Do woodworking projects.

24. Enjoy tea time.

25. Open an Etsy store.

26. Crochet, knit, weave.

27. Sing.

28. Do interior design.

29. Sell stuff on eBay or Amazon.

30. Get a pet or raise farm animals.

31. Design and edit images.

What hobby do you enjoy doing? 
What is one thing you have a passion for and would love to do if time allowed?

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