Why We Choose Year-Round Homeschooling


We didn’t start out doing year-round homeschooling. In fact, we fully intended to stick to the typical school calendar year. However, having children with serious medical and special needs created a lot of changes in our life.

In many areas of our life, over the last decade, we have had to make major adjustments based on the special medical needs of our children. We have been in and out of the hospital with our oldest daughter yearly and our other children keep us guessing, too.

Our first full year of homeschooling, when my oldest was just 4, was stressful! I was determined to complete his K5 workbooks by June, however when July rolled around and we still hadn’t completed them, due to time spent in-patient with our daughter, I knew something had to change.

Around the same time, I was reading more and more about “year-round homeschooling” and how others believed in embracing a “lifestyle of learning”. It really resonated with me!

I realized that “education” should not be something that is just done between 9am and 3pm September-June! I realized that I wanted my children to fully embrace learning, education, and wisdom as part of life. I wanted them to see the opportunity to learn in every situation, at all times of the day and year.

I also knew that year-round homeschooling was the answer I had needed to relieve the extra stress of caring for special and medical needy children.

  • Year-round homeschooling allows us to use all 52 weeks of the year as we see fit, doing school work and learning whenever we can!
  • It allows us to take breaks when needed for hospital stays without feeling like we are behind in school.
  • We can easily complete the typical 34-weeks of yearly studies in the 12-month timeframe we give ourselves.

Year-round homeschooling has been the best decision for us!

I’m sharing several more benefits of year-round homeschooling over at the Proverbial Homemaker, come join the conversation!

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