What Makes Homemaking Easier For Busy Moms – My Top Small Kitchen Appliances & Tools


We can always use tips to make homemaking easier, right? Managing our homes is often a learning process and a lot depends on other factors, like whether you have several young children, older children, or no children.

Over the years as a homemaker and busy mom of a lot of little kids, I have found several items to be an absolute must have in my kitchen. These items make cooking, baking, and clean up easier!

5 Must-Have Kitchen Tools For Easier Homemaking

  • Egg Steamer. This is an absolute must have if you make boiled eggs even a couple of times each week. I make several hard boiled eggs every day, so this has been a huge time saver. Plus it has made peeling the eggs easier, too! Ours is attached to a toaster and does more than just steam the eggs, so it is an all-in-1 small appliance. Update: my Instant Pot does this job for me, now!
  • Crinkle Cutter. We use this for chopping up hard vegetables like potatoes for hash browns or fries more than anything else, but it can be used for just about anything! We use it a few times every week. We own the Pampered Chef brand and it has lasted us for more than 10 years!
  • Cast Iron Cookware. We bought our first cast iron cookware years ago and it was a great investment! Actually, I got rid of all but 1 of the other frying pans we had and replaced them with just 1 cast iron griddle and 1 large cast iron skillet. We use them for everything! I want to get a cast iron Dutch Oven next.
  • Slow Cooker and/or Pressure Cooker. I use my crock pot a few times every week. I make a big pot of slow cooked pinto beans every weekend and then we eat them all week. I also often throw frozen chicken, sliced onions, baby carrots, and cubed potatoes in my crock pot in the morning and cook on low all day for a savory supper. Update: If you want to kick productivity up a notch, then an Instant Pot pressure cooker might be just what you need. It can do everything a slow cooker and pressure cooker can do, plus more! In fact, the Instant Pot has now replaced the Slow Cooker for us!
  • A Great Blender. From smoothies to chopping onions to making salsa… a great blender is a must have in any busy mom’s kitchen! I use both my Ninja and Magic Bullet.
I often use other household tools, but these are the top 5 homemaking gadgets that make my busy life easier. Update: As mentioned above, the Instant Pot has replaced both our egg steamer and our slow cooker! Read more about it HERE.
What items can you not live without in your home?
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3 thoughts on “What Makes Homemaking Easier For Busy Moms – My Top Small Kitchen Appliances & Tools

  1. We are big fans of the egg steamer and pressure cooker as well! Favorite small appliances for sure! I use the electric pressure cooker for so much!(both used a few times if not more a week here) My oldest daughter loves the rice cooker- she can brown,saute, and make a nice meal in one pot. The rice cooker seemed less intimidating to her and she has even made chocolate cake in it! 🙂

  2. I love cast iron! We have a cast iron Dutch oven from cabelas. It came with a “frying pan” lid so that gets used everyday. I use my slow cooker usually a few times a week, and my blender daily. I’ve never heard of a egg steamer. I’ll have to look it up 🙂 We eat lots of eggs here. Great list!

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