5 Ways To Connect With Your Child

Whether you have one child or several children, you must be intentional about connecting with them. Especially if you have children with medical-special needs and children who are relatively healthy. Life often revolves around the medically needy child(ren) and the other child(ren) may feel left out. You will want to find ways to connect with your child on a regular basis – daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly.

Our healthy children do not know life any differently, but as parents, we know that we often focus more on the medical-needy children and take our healthy children for granted. We interact, teach, play, and spend time with all of our children every day, but we don’t often get to have one-on-one time with each of them to really talk and let them talk. We have learned to be more intentional about carving out special time with our children.

5 Ways To Connect With Your Child

Daily Special Time – I try to make sure I spend about 15-minutes alone every day with each of my children. With the toddlers, this means I hold them, read to them, and sing songs with them. For my older kids, this means that I take the time to give them a “real” hug (both arms and tight squeeze) each day as well as read to them (my oldest still enjoys read aloud time with me and he is almost 11).

Birthdays – We make our kids’ birthdays special within our immediate family. We wake them on their birthday by singing “happy birthday” and videoing them. Then we make sure to give them birthday hugs many times throughout the day. We also bring the birthday child out to dinner with just mom & dad and then to the store to choose their birthday gift. We are sure to tell them how blessed we are to have had another year with them on this earth!

Fun Parent-Child Dates – Weekly, monthly, or even just yearly, you can take your child on a special mom/dad date. Check out a huge list of fun ideas HERE.

Tag-A-Long – Let your kids take turns tagging along with mom/dad to run errands like picking up groceries or getting the oil changed in the car. This provides opportunities for you to have meaningful conversations with the child without interruptions from siblings. Plus, your child can learn life skills by helping you with your errands.

Teach Life Skills –┬áSpeaking of life skills, you can connect with your child by teaching them to cook, bake, clean, sew, etc. Even if you are in the midst of raising several young children, focusing on teaching a life skill to one child at a time will let that child know that you love them and want to make time for them.

What special way do you find time to connect individually with your child(ren)?

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