Living History Book List For Upper Elementary

living history book list for upper elementary

Thanks to Tapestry of Grace, we have added a lot of wonderful living books into our weekly homeschool routine. Specifically, we are reading more living history books. I have been thoroughly enjoying the variety of great literature that we read for TOG Year 1 and look forward to Year 2.

However, I was reminded of several other historical fiction books that we love but are not part of ToG’s reading selections. These books are perfect for reading out loud to grades 2 through 6. And as independent reading for grades 6+. I still read aloud to all of my kids.

Many of these books are made available by Salem Ridge Press. Specifically, Emma Leslie is one of our favorite authors that Salem Ridge Press has edited and republished her books for the Christian audience.

Living History Book List For Elementary Grades

When Lightening Struck!: The Story Of Martin Luther

Glaucia The Greek Slave: A Tale Of Athens In The First Century

Out Of The Mouth Of The Lion: Or, The Church In The Catacombs

The Captives: Or, Escape From The Druid Council

Soldier Fritz And The Enemies He Fought: A Story Of The Reformation

Dearer Than Life: A Story Of The Times Of Wycliffe

Sowing Beside All Waters: A Tale Of The World In The Church

The Magic Runes: A Tale Of The Times Of Charlemange

From Bondage To Freedom: A Tale Of The Times Of Mohammed

Bud & Me: The True Adventures Of The Abernathy Brothers

And last, but certainly not least. Our other favorite publisher is YWAM. They have a huge list of biographies and living history books and audio books. We love them!

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