Top 5 Decluttering & Purging Tips

Top 5 Decluttering & Purging Tips


For easier spring cleaning, I like to be in the habit of decluttering and purging on a regular basis. I would rather spend a little extra time daily, weekly, and/or monthly doing these things than to let everything build up and then do a huge one-time spring cleaning. These simple tips will cut down on clutter and make deep cleaning easier in the long-run.

However, these are things I try to do because they make sense for us. They are meant to be ideas to inspire you to find what works for you, your family, and how your home functions. The point is to find those areas that make sense to you to work on regularly in order to stay on top of the clutter.

My Top 5 Decluttering & Purging Tips

  1. Make a habit of putting everything back where it belongs, every time. Train your children to do the same! This applies to the items from the kitchen cupboards, counters, fridge, the garage, bedrooms, bathrooms, bookshelves, etc.
  2. Always put socks and clothes directly into the dirty clothes hamper as soon as they are taken off of the body. This is especially important for socks since they are small and can easily be lost if left on the floor.
  3. Purge weekly, or at the very least monthly. Just grab a garbage bag and tackle one area: toy box, kids’ clothes, your own clothes, husband’s clothes, kitchen cabinet or drawer, bathroom cabinet or drawer, etc. It is less overwhelming and easier to do it one small section at a time every week. It takes less than 15 minutes to do in most cases!
  4. When folding laundry, throw away items with holes in them or put items the kids have outgrown into a designated bag or basket right at that moment, so that they are not stuffed back into the dressers and closets to make purging them later more work.
  5. And finally, a trick I learned from my mom, scrub out the fridge when you are down to bare minimums in groceries and planning a big grocery shopping trip. It will take a lot less time to go through the fridge and wash it all down when there is not much in there and it will keep you from buying items you don’t need since you can easily take inventory while cleaning. And, this works great for your pantry or kitchen cupboards, too!
Extra Cleaning Tip: I usually make all of my own cleansers (and have for several years), but life has been so busy lately that I decided to give Mrs. Meyers products a try. I found them for a great price at ePantry (now GroveCo.). I have been using them for over a year now and I really love them! It is super nice to have them delivered right to my front door!
But, what I LOVE the most is the Grove kitchen hand towel I got! It is the best quality kitchen hand towel I have ever owned (extra thick and over-sized)! It makes me happy every time I see it hanging on the oven door. Hey, it’s the small things, right?!
I am excited to share that you can Get $10 towards your first ePantry order! They have SO many natural products available, from cleansers to feminine care, and more! Check them out and let me know what you love about them!

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38 thoughts on “Top 5 Decluttering & Purging Tips

  1. One of my biggest challenges is that I don’t do well with meticulous meal planning. I tend to decide on beans or a roast when it is too late tp prepare them, chicken breasts when they are still frozen. I think I would love an Instant Pot! I grew up with my grandmother who used an old school pressure cooker—everything taseted so good.

  2. I like the thought of the instant because I make a lot of broth..having it going for days at a think I could ge the same good broth in less time sounds so profitable for me:)

  3. Love this article. Amazing giveaway! I think the biggest downfall in my meal planning is that my energy is low at the end of the day…. less healthy options sometimes seem faster and easier.

  4. Time is my biggest challenge. When I get home from work at 5:00 everyone is hungry — I have about 1/2 hour to get food on the table.

  5. Hello –
    You’ve got a great site here to help families better manage life! As a long-time, busy, homeschooling mother, dinner challenges for me often include various dietary restrictions for different family members. So far no one has starved 🙂
    Thanks for a great give-away.

  6. My biggest challenge is coming up with recipes to make. I seem to cook certain things the same way and i need to learn to cook different ways.

  7. My challenge is avoiding fattening foods like cheese and cream-based sauces. I love that kind of food but I want to be healthy and fit this year.

  8. My biggest challenge is definitely time. I love that the Instant Pot lets you make healthy meals quicker and that you can cook from frozen in a reasonable time frame.

  9. My biggest cooking challenge is finding new meals to make. My family gets tired of eating the same old meals so I want to try new foods but it’s hard to find something everyone will enjoy.

  10. One of my biggest challenges in making homemade meals for my family is finding the menu that everyone likes
    Thank You

  11. The different tastes are the hardest challenge! What I want, hubby doesn’t like. What he WANTS to eat isn’t very healthy. Round and round we go!

  12. My biggest challenge in making homemade meals is time. I’d love to cook more and think the Instant Pot looks amazing and could really help with this!

  13. Our biggest challenge is the time it takes to make many meals, we are crazy busy and it seems like we end up eating out or eating something unhealthy often because something didn’t go as scheduled and now we are running short on time.

  14. Actually using my meal plan. I find I do best if I make a list of meals and then pick one the night before.

  15. One of my biggest challenges is Time. We’re on the road a lot since we live in the country the commute with traffic some days it shortens my cooking time.

  16. My biggest challenge is having the time to get things cooked through. These instant pots work wonders. I love that you can do everything in one pot and quicker

  17. My biggest challenge is to think about dinner early enough in the day to go out to the freezer and get meat and have enough time for the meat to thaw.

  18. My biggest challenge in making meals, is that it is just me. I like the fact that I can cook a meal and eat it all week, saves time and dishes, but most of the time, I am tired of eating it by the time the food is gone!

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