Annual Planning: Family List Making Guide

Annual Planning: Family List Making Guide


This Family List Making Guide walks you through 8 of the most important lists you can make each year to help your household run smoothly and your family to live peacefully all year long. Perfect for the stay-at-home mom and/or homeschool family!

Things like daily routine lists, chore lists, reading lists, bucket lists, deep cleaning lists, project lists, meal plan lists, shopping lists, etc. Every mama knows that it takes teamwork to keep the family going.

I do not do ALL of these lists every year, and you don’t have to either! Decide what will be the most beneficial to you and your family and work from there.

Read through this once to get an idea of what will work best for you & your family. Then, grab your favorite planner (I love this one) and list-making supplies to get started!

Ultimate Family List Making Guide

Daily Routine List

We work best as a family by embracing a natural routine and knowing what is expected of each of us throughout the day. My motto for this area of my life is “just do the next thing”.

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • How does a typical day currently go in your home?
  • Consider your current season and think of the next 3-6 months.
  • What (realistic) changes should be made in your daily schedule?
  • Think of the most important parts of your daily routine and work around them for the flexible parts.
  • How can you simplify or streamline your day?
  • Remember to incorporate meal prep and meal time, homeschool studies and projects, household chores and tasks, free time, and marriage time (date your spouse).

Chore Lists

Your children are a year older, you may be pregnant or have a newborn, you may have changes in your finances or your husband’s work schedule, etc. Reevaluate the family’s chore list and make necessary changes to reflect your current routine.

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • Which chore has each child mastered?
  • Can the child move on to (or take on) other chores?
  • Which new chore does each child need to be (re)taught?
  • In which areas do you (mom) need the most help? In which areas does dad need the most help?
  • Which life skills are important for your child to learn at their current age?
  • How can you encourage hard work and a joyful atmosphere? Hint: It starts with YOU.

Reading Lists 

Make a reading list for your children (and yourself). Books are a great way to ‘sneak’ in some learning.

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • Which Bible reading plan makes sense to your family? You can find apps or plans online.
  • Try to read the Bible every day.
  • Choose books for you to read to/with your child.
  • Choose books they can read to themselves.
  • Choose books from several genres: nonfiction, biography, historical fiction, poetry, science related, etc.
  • Consider their interests.
  • Which things have they wanted to learn more about?
  • Which areas do you want them to explore and learn more about?
  • What will you be studying in the next school semester? Does your child need to brush up on the topic? What about you as the teacher?

Bucket Lists

Time to think about some fun activities, experiences, and events your family hopes to do in the next year! Keep it simple and just list everything you can think of or make detailed plans and include dates, budget, etc.

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • Educational related.
  • Just for fun.
  • Make daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly plans.
  • Seasonal events.
  • Think little, think BIG.
  • Be realistic.
  • Dream vacation.
  • Steps to take for each event.

Deep Cleaning Lists

We all have those areas we rarely clean, organize, or declutter (right??). This will help you make a dent in them!

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • List areas to deep clean in order of importance.
  • Break areas into daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly chunks and consider seasons/weather.
  • Assign a realistic amount of time to each deep cleaning task (15 minutes per day, a half day per week, 1 day per month. Whatever makes sense to you and your family.)
  • Which small tasks can you do in the short-term (daily, weekly, monthly) to cut down on long-term deep cleaning?
  • Which deep cleaning tasks require heavy lifting? Will your husband or teen son need to be around to help? Plan accordingly.

Project Lists

Like deep cleaning, there are often projects around the house, yard, or homestead farm that rarely get done. Change that with this list building guide!

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • Which project is most important? List accordingly.
  • How long will each project take? Plan accordingly.
  • Who can/should help with the project? Even toddlers can be helpful when given clear instructions!
  • Do you need any special equipment, tools, or supplies? Find, borrow, or purchase beforehand.
  • Other thoughts, ideas, plans, or sketches for the project(s)?

Meal Plan Lists

I keep it simple and easy for our large family. A rotating meal plan list gets the job done.

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • Top 5-10 favorite family meals.
  • Quick & easy suppers for an extra busy day.
  • Which foods do you need to keep on hand in the cupboard and/or freezer for the quick & easy meals?
  • What is your budget for spontaneous takeout/eating out?
  • How often can/will you plan eating out?
  • Consider bulk cooking for freezer meals.
  • Do you have an Instant Pot or Slow Cooker to use?
  • Which new food or meal will you try each month? Plan something fun to spice things up.

Shopping Lists

Annual shopping lists are such a great tool to utilize, especially for large families. Use an app or good old paper & pencil, you choose!

Things To Think About And Tasks:

  • Daily/weekly/monthly grocery shopping lists.
  • Master Grocery shopping list to match your meal plans.
  • Daily/weekly/monthly toiletries, non-food items.
  • Birthday, anniversary, wedding, baby, holiday gifts.
  • Monthly/quarterly/semesterly/yearly homeschool supplies, curriculum, or subscription lists.
  • Seasonal shopping lists for the garden, pets, livestock, farm, projects, etc.

I hope this Annual Planning: Family List Making Guide helps you plan and utilize your time better for a harmonious family life. Let me know if I’ve missed a vital area that you need help with!

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