What If Your Child Is Sheltered? (homeschool myths & truths)

What If Your Child Is Sheltered? Homeschool Myths & Truths

  I am including this little ‘disclaimer’ because I know that I have readers who do not homeschool and you read my blog for Christian encouragement and/or homemaking tips. Yes, I know people who went to public school for their entire education and are godly men and women as adults (including my own siblings), butRead more

How I Study God’s Word {FREE Biblical Word Study Journal Pages}

How I Study God's Word and Free Biblical Word Study Journal Pages

  I love to study words, their meanings, and the history of the English language. I kind of geek out when chatting with my homeschool friends about language arts curriculum, books, or literature. As a Christian woman, I also love God’s Word. But, the sad truth is that I find it hard to really studyRead more