{Giveaway!} Reformation Resources For A Unit Study

the reformation resources unit study

  October 31, 1517, Martin Luther nailed the Ninety-five Theses to a church door. His actions lead to what we now know as The Reformation. This year is the 500th Anniversary of that event! What was it all about? Rather than provide a summary of this important event in church history, I have pulled together aRead more

How I Study God’s Word {FREE Biblical Word Study Journal Pages}

How I Study God's Word and Free Biblical Word Study Journal Pages

  I love to study words, their meanings, and the history of the English language. I kind of geek out when chatting with my homeschool friends about language arts curriculum, books, or literature. As a Christian woman, I also love God’s Word. But, the sad truth is that I find it hard to really studyRead more

Reading List For Homeschool Moms

Reading List For Homeschool Moms

  My current life season is made up of mothering and homeschooling my children. So, it makes sense that my current reading list reflects that. I rarely read books for purely entertainment purposes anymore. And, when I do, it is because I am reading it out loud to my children as part of our homeschoolingRead more

I’m Not Cut Out To Homeschool (homeschool myths & truths)

I'm Not Cut Out To Homeschool (homeschool myths & truths)

  Have you thought about homeschooling but are scared that you are not ‘cut out to homeschool’ or (worse) you have family members who are questioning your ability to teach your children? I recently chatted with the checkout girl when paying for our groceries and since I was on the way home from our homeschoolRead more