How I Study God’s Word {FREE Biblical Word Study Journal Pages}

How I Study God's Word and Free Biblical Word Study Journal Pages


I love to study words, their meanings, and the history of the English language. I kind of geek out when chatting with my homeschool friends about language arts curriculum, books, or literature.

As a Christian woman, I also love God’s Word. But, the sad truth is that I find it hard to really study His Word in-depth on a regular basis.

Isn’t that the way it is? It should be the most important part of our day and yet it sometimes seems like just one more thing to check on my to-do list!

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How I Study God’s Word + FREE Biblical Word Study Journal Pages

A few years ago, I discovered that combining my love of words with my love of The Word has resulted in a beautiful way to go deeper into the Scripture! I don’t do this every day, or even every week, but when I feel that I need to go deeper than my daily/weekly Bible reading, this is what I do!

While reading the Bible, I either start with a scripture that stands out to me and choose a word from it to study deeper, or I start with a word that has been placed on my heart and then I search the scriptures to see what God has to say about it.

It has been such an amazing way for me to center my life around The Word. That is why I have been spending time studying, writing, and then publishing my Biblical Word Study Series here on the blog.

My Biblical Word Study Series is literally my personal Bible Study made accessible to everyone on the web and I have loved sharing my heart with you all. I have also appreciated all of the emails from so many of you who are enjoying the Biblical Word Study Series — thank you for the feedback!

With that in mind, I created these helpful Biblical Word Study Journal Pages that can be used alongside my Biblical Word Study Series or with any Bible Study you choose. They will guide you as you learn more from your Bible study by adding a word study!

It is awesome how one word and scripture lead to another word and more scripture. There is a section for you to jot down words and scripture that you encounter during your study time so that you can come back to them later. Just print another set of journal pages for each study!

Since I love organization AND lists, I made two pages: one page that has labeled & lined boxes for each step of the Biblical Word Study and a second page that is left blank with a lot of lined writing (list-making) space. You can choose to print both or just one!

Biblical Word Study Resources

If you are using my Biblical Word Study for your Bible Study or devotion time, then you don’t really need much besides your Bible (I love this online Bible).

A dictionary is helpful if you want to look up the words for yourself, but I include the definition from Noah Webster’s American Dictionary of the English Language 1828 edition.

If you enjoy art journaling, then I highly recommend these long-lasting markers so that you can make your Biblical Word Study Journal Page colorful and unique to your style and expression.

An affordable & pretty binder for storing your completed Biblical Word Study Journal Page(s) is a great way to revisit them again and again. As you add to them you are creating a beautiful collection that can be read as a devotional in years to come.

If you need a portable work space, these fun clipboards will come in handy. They are a practical way to have Bible study while in bed or on the couch.

How and when do you study the Bible? 

Word Study Series





Holidays – Holy Days








Fruits Of The Spirit – a mini word study of each “fruit”.

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