Sixth-Grade Homeschool Curriculum For 2016-2017

Sixth-Grade Homeschool Curriculum For 2016-2017


Our eclectic style homeschool allows me to mix & match curriculum and pull resources from a variety of places, and I love doing it! Here is the sixth-grade homeschool curriculum I am using with my oldest child for “occupational education, science, math, language, social studies, history, health, reading, writing, spelling, and the development of an appreciation of art and music” (as required by Washington state). I have tried to tie all of our subjects together, using history as our main focus. We are studying The Middle Ages in history this year, so science, art, and literature reflect that.

Lord willing, our homeschool year will run from September 2016 through July 2017. We will take a 1-week break each month and then take off all of August for summer. This schedule worked well for the 2015-2016 school year, so we’re hoping it will this year.

Sixth-grade Homeschool Curriculum

Occupational Education- from my experience in public school, and according to the certified teacher we meet with once a year for one of our children’s homeschool assessments, this usually consists of having a career day or bringing parents into classrooms to share about their jobs once a year. I feel this is easily covered in homeschool from the regular interaction my kids have with adult family/friends with various jobs including a Physician’s Assistant, Truck Driver, Florist, Woodworker/Carpenter, Construction, and through the research/discussions we have about career choices. We also occasionally watch documentaries like “Dirty Jobs”, etc.

Science happens naturally in our home, every day.  However, I am going to have my oldest work through Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Zoology 3: Land Animals of the Sixth Day along with their Notebooking Journal. He has read through the textbook several times in the last few years, but I am requiring him to do the Notebooking Journal worksheets this year, mostly for the skills he’ll be practicing/reviewing in writing, penmanship (cursive), and copywork! We got these as a review product a few years ago and he completed the first few weeks of the Notebooking Journal then but was not quite ready for the amount of writing it required. I am thankful I saved the Notebooking Journal! I also bought Science in the Beginning and Science in the Ancient World for him to read through, to correlate with our history studies (ideally, we should have done Science in the Beginning last year and then Ancient World this year to line up with our history).

Math is this particular child’s least favorite subject. He will be finishing up A+ Tutorsoft Interactive Math Grade 5 and reading through Math Lessons for a Living Education Books 1-5 to review concepts, before starting MLFALE Book 6 in the spring (when it becomes available). I seriously considered using A Beka Book Arithmetic 6. But, after looking at samples pages for both books, we decided to try Math Lessons for a Living Education 6.

Language/Grammar (apart from reading, writing, and spelling) will consist of the continuation of Easy Grammar Plus and Fix-It Grammar, foreign language exposure (Spanish, and Latin/Greek roots) and oral reports, speaking, and so on.

Social Studies from Tapestry of Grace and Economics For Everbody (without the student guide since that can wait til he is older).

History and geography will be taught through literature, textbooks, and activities as instructed in Tapestry of Grace Year 2. We’ll also listen to this awesome adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions again!

Health will be taught through everyday life and personal hygiene, doctor and dentist check-ups, science videos and textbooks, and natural/holistic health education.

Reading does not even need to be enforced in our home, but my 6th-grader will be reading several living history books and literature selections for history and will also be reading any other books he can get his hands on; including fiction and nonfiction, modern and historic, etc.

Writing will be mixed into several other subjects. Specifically, his grammar and science will both require him to do copywork and write paragraphs. We won’t be using a Creative Writing program just yet or require any written reports/essays. He already writes and illustrates his own comic books, etc.

Spelling is also somewhat covered in grammar (as is vocabulary), but I am also using Spelling Challenges from A Beka Book with him this year.

Art & Music appreciation takes place almost daily through listening to music, piano lessons, and lots of art activities and projects. We are using an art book this year for casual lessons (that he can do for fun). I love that it goes along with his history studies!

Bible & Character studies will be provided through reading the Bible together every day and this fun-looking book about how to be an honorable “knight”.

I am definitely pulling from a lot of resources, but some of these will not be done every day. My 6th-grader works independently for math & grammar and also does a lot of the reading on his own. I still look forward to the subjects that we can do together since I am not ready for my boy to be totally independent of me.

This year, we will be doing Latin/Greek roots, history, geography, social studies, spelling, art, music, literature, Bible, & character study mostly together along with his younger siblings. A lot (if not all) of these “together” subjects will be done in the morning and if I had a “morning basket” (like so many others), then these would be in it!

In fact, I am thinking about getting myself a pretty (and practical) basket to keep all of these resources in one place, just switching out our current read aloud(s).

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