The Fight For Freedom: True Stories of America’s War for Independence (review)

The Fight For Freedom: True Stories of America's War for Independence (review & giveaway) for 4-6th grades


I am always looking for engaging and fun ways to teach subjects in our homeschool. Especially for history, I find that reading about it in story form is more exciting than just reading the facts & dates from a textbook. Well, what if there were a “textbook” that read like a story? The Fight For Freedom elementary student textbook by Rick & Marilyn Boyer is exactly that! The book’s tagline is “True Stories of America’s War for Independence”. You can’t beat stories that are also true!

The accompanying Teacher Guide makes using the textbook in your homeschool super easy. Just open & go!

(Enter to win your own set of The Fight For Freedom Student Textbook & Teacher Guide at the bottom of this post!)

The Fight For Freedom Sample

What is in The Fight For Freedom Student Textbook?

There are 34 chapters in the student textbook. Each chapter is several pages long and is a biography about a man, woman, or group who fought for America’s freedom.

Starting with George Washington, the book includes biographies of well-known and lesser known people. There are 28 people/groups covered in this compilation of biographies.

Each chapter is told in a conversational story-like style which engages the student and parent alike! There are quotes and sidenotes with even more historical facts, as well.

I loved the pictures of historical paintings and documents. There are also photographs of modern-day historical monuments.

The Fight For Freedom Teacher Guide Schedule

What You’ll Find in the Teacher Guide for Grades 4-6

The Teacher Guide includes the schedule, student worksheets, projects, quarterly quizzes, and the answer key.

The schedule suggests assigning one chapter per week to the student. There are options for a 4- or 5-day schedule.

Example: You can have the student read 2-3 pages of the chapter on Monday, Tuesday, & Wednesday and answer a few questions from the worksheet each day. On Thursday you can choose a project to complete. On Friday you can then listen to the corresponding free audio (access info provided with the book) and choose to do an oral quiz. Done!

The worksheet contains questions that are easily answered within the student textbook. The projects usually consist of a short additional reading, drawing, or writing lesson and an occasional activity.  The quarterly quizzes are 5 questions.

The Fight For Freedom Teacher Guide Sample    The Fight For Freedom Teacher Guide Sample 2

How We Used The Fight For Freedom

I’ll be honest and say that I simply handed the student textbook to my 11-year-old son and let him devour it. He read it in one afternoon, telling me tidbits of interesting facts or new things he learned along the way. Then we accessed the free audio adventures/stories and listened to all of them in one setting! I did not use the student worksheets, projects, or quizzes.

We are using a different history curriculum right now and we are not studying the American Revolution this year, so I just added this in for fun. Later, when we are studying American history, we will utilize the Teacher Guide and its contents.

I love using living books to teach history and this curriculum meets my expectations! This can work for a traditional or Charlotte Mason style homeschool since it quite adaptable.

The Fight For Freedom Student Textbook & Teacher Guide Backs

Now For The Giveaway! 

Enter to win The Fight For Freedom Student Textbook & Teacher Guide! A winner will be selected and announced on Wednesday, September 28th, 2016.

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**Must be 18 or older and reside within the United States of America to enter/win. The winner will be notified via email and must respond with the required info within 48 hours or forfeit the prize and a new winner will be selected.**

This review & giveaway is sponsored by Character Concepts but all opinions are my own.  

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  1. thank you for this great giveaway. This time period is awesome. Our children need to know true American hero’s. We would love to study this book. I love the format. Thank you again. We would love to win this.

  2. We love reading and listening to historical works and thiswould be great for the kids and I. Thanks for the opportunity.

  3. This book would be a great help in learning our country’s fight for independence. Thanks for this generous giveaway.

  4. We will be studying this time in history later this year. It looks like it would be a great addition to a homeschool library.

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