Music Appreciation For Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers (Musik At Home Review)

Music Appreciation For Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers (Musik At Home Review)


Music appreciation is a required homeschool subject in Washington state. Although the legal school age is not until 8-years-old here, you can get a jump start on some of the fun parts of homeschooling your child from an early age! That’s where programs like Musik At Home come into play.

Music Appreciation For Babies, Toddlers, & Preschoolers

Musik At Home is an online music program designed to bring music into your family’s life. Specifically created for babies, toddlers, & preschoolers, it is easy for parents to enjoy teaching them about beats, rhythms, and singing in the comfort of their own home!

Kathryn Brunner is a certified Musikgarten instructor and provides entertaining (recorded) video classes that can be watched again and again to ignite a love of music in your child. She provides two class levels (Babies and Toddlers/Preschoolers) and each level has 6 video classes plus bonus videos that are meant to be viewed a few times each over 12-18 weeks total. The videos range from just 8-minutes to 22-minutes long. Repetition while learning the musical techniques will help to build a solid foundation in music appreciation for your child. She recommends you use some specific items for musical play and you can buy the kit offered on the website. However, we found items around our home that worked great (baby rattles, scarves, sticks, etc.), so that is always an option. You do not need to have any musical experience!

We have been using both class levels for the last 4 weeks. Since we are using them for review purposes, we accelerated the process and have been simply watching the videos one time each. All of my kids have been watching them with me (7 children ages 11, 9, 7, 6, 4, 3, and 2). My oldest is the only one who is not very interested in them (he says they are babyish).

Though these are meant for children 5 and younger, my 7-year-old daughter (who has a natural talent and love for music) has thoroughly enjoyed watching the videos. My kids have learned new songs and enjoyed singing along with familiar tunes. Make-believe is often intermingled into the video classes and the kids always found that fun (and funny). These classes remind me of the “music class” during my elementary years in public school.

Special needs kids can benefit greatly from this program. In fact, when I told my 2-year-old son’s occupational therapist about it, she was excited and encouraged me to do Musik At Home with him frequently as part of our at-home therapy routine. Also, my 9-year-old daughter, who is nonverbal, has serious medical needs, & global developmental delays showed a positive reaction while watching the videos, as well.

I know music is important to our brain development! I have always found it stimulating and beneficial to our moods and concentration. We often have music playing quietly in the background during our homeschool days. Our favorite music is classical or children’s Bible songs, and lately Musik At Home has been a welcome change!

Please Note: This review was sponsored by Musik At Home but all opinions are my own. I only accept opportunities that I believe will be beneficial to my readers. 

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