Getting Fit As A Busy Mom


Working out, exercising, jogging, walking, etc. How on earth can a very busy mom fit any of that into her already overflowing life? I know I can’t seem to fit it in! Getting fit as a busy mom seems almost impossible.

I desire to be healthy. I want to tone my post-pregnancy body. I want to lose some weight. However, when I have planned ways to become fit and healthy, I have been left feeling defeated before I even tried!

Usually, it is the time commitment and the inconvenience of going to the gym, getting outside for a walk, or even going out into the garage to work out that has stopped me from actually following through with my plans! When you have kids and you homeschool, there is never an ideal time to spend 30 minutes exercising, unless you want to get even less sleep than you do!

Getting Fit As A Busy Mom

That is why I was so happy to have found Fit2B! It is something that I can do in what little time I have and I can do it in my living room. My kids can even join in! I use the 5×5 Challenge course and love it! I started back in 2014 while I was pregnant with my 8th child. I got out of the habit of doing it every day after I gave birth, but I know that I was seeing great (subtle) results. It really is all about strengthening your core, which helps your overall health in so many ways!
Fit2B workouts are designed to be safe for postpartum tummies and help you regain stomach strength. Perfect for all moms! The videos are done tastefully and modestly. You do not need any extra equipment, you do not need to spend a lot of money when you sign up with Fit2B. They are simple yet effective routines to complete. I am excited to try the new Foundational 5 workout.
How do you stay fit as a busy mom?

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