A Lifestyle of Learning

How this family embraces a lifestyle of learning in their homeschool!


I use a couple of curriculum programs and follow them quite closely for what I consider the most important subjects: Language Arts and Math. But, when it comes to Science, History, Music, Art, etc. we do mostly “Delight Directed” or “student lead” or “lifestyle of learning” or whatever you want to call letting the child read, watch, and do what they are most interested in, when they are most interested in doing it!

I do some “casual” lessons in each of these (“Art” during Bible Time and Foreign Languages for example), but otherwise, I just do my best to provide the learning tools for my children… and they learn at their own pace and when they want to.


How We Embrace A Lifestyle Of Learning

Josiah is super interested in all things “science” and so I make sure we have a wide variety of science-type books, DVDs, etc. This means we collect Christian science textbooks (Bob Jones University, Christian Liberty Press, Abeka, etc.) from biology to earth science, biographies about scientists, books on survival, books about animals and insects and reptiles, Creation-based Educational science DVDs, and more. He is constantly catching snakes and bugs outside and examining them… he is learning, but he just thinks he is playing! The older he gets, the more structured I plan to be with his interests. He wants to be a scientist. (He thinks he “hates” math, but doesn’t realize he is having a math lesson when he is helping me figure out how much it cost to make our own bread and how much we are saving versus buying it! Shhh)

Hadassah loves artsy things. So, everyday she draws, colors, and spends time listening to music. Those are her favorites. We have art/drawing lessons on DVD that she enjoys watching. She loves to paint and do crafts. She is very hands-on. She also enjoys “doing” her hair, and mine. She wants to be a doctor or a mom who ‘doctors’ her kids. *smile*

Marcus is very detail-orientated. I’m not sure where this will lead him, just yet. But, he is great at coloring, drawing, using glue, and cutting. He loves organizing his backpack “to go camping”, enjoys picking up and cleaning… lol. He wants to be just like his daddy.

Cyrene LOVES American Sign Language, drawing, singing, jumping, books, counting, etc.

Olympas is a calm little guy, loves playing with blocks, matchbox cars, music, and helping with our babies (Abigail & Jubal).

It is so fun to see my kids’ talents develop and their love for learning take shape and grow. I hope to always encourage and nurture their growth in the things they love doing. Once the foundation of Reading, Writing, and Arithmetic are laid… the sky is the limit!

2 thoughts on “A Lifestyle of Learning

  1. Awesome! Just the way I like my home to be too! As the kids get older they get so they can pretty much do everything themselves, only needing some guidance or advice and to ask for material to do everything!!!I've come to a place where I've had to tell my kids that sometimes we can't do everything we'd like and need to ask God and then let it go.

  2. This is awesome! I REALLY don't know how you do it!! My life is SO hectic! Everyday I think I'm not gonna let things get so crazy, but everyday still is crazy!! I am (still)working on having older kids & little kids together…it about drives me up a wall!

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