50 Date Ideas From Frugal To Fancy {Free Printable}

I love practical, comfortable, and relaxing dates with my husband. But, I also enjoy doing new things, exploring, and having a good time with him! Valentine’s Day and other special dates (like your wedding anniversary) are a great excuse to plan a date with your man. I definitely support weekly date nights, but making Valentine’s Day extra special is even more fun!

Grab your free list of frugal to fancy date night ideas printable in this article!

I have listed every type of date I can think of from frugal to extravagant, plus several ideas from around the web, to give you great options to spend time with your best friend celebrating your marriage union and love for each other. What is your favorite date? Please share in the comments!

50 Date Ideas From Frugal To Fancy

1. mini golfing

2. coffee shop

3. beach trip

4. walk in the park

5. favorite restaurant

6. new restaurant

7. browse IKEA

8. burgers and milkshakes

9. visit the big city

10. walk through a small town

11. visit a specialty chocolate shop

12. bowling

13. ice cream/frozen yogurt shop

14. outlet stores shopping spree (or window shopping)

15. cooking class

16. art class

17. woodworking class

18. romantic dinner at home

19. movie at the theater

20. RedBox movie at home with favorite snacks

21. attend a convention (homeschool, RV, sportsman, etc.)

22. picnic

23. grocery shopping

24. hike a local mountain trail

25. go to a live play or theater show

26. browse a bookstore while sipping your favorite hot drink

27. visit a museum

28. do something crazy, like roller skating or ice skating 😉

29. play a game – board, card, PC, whatever kind you like!

30. visit the zoo or tour a local farm

31. shoot guns (target practice at a shooting range)

32. go hunting

33. browse the local farmer’s market

34. go to a seasonal event (fireworks, county fair, etc.)

35. drive in the mountains

36. spend the evening star gazing

37. river cruise

38. ride go-karts

39. horse back riding

40. night away – splurge on a hotel with a hot tub, room service, etc.

41. go flying – helicopter, hot air balloon, small airplane

42. skiing or snowboarding

43. dinner cruise

44. kite flying

45. flea market browsing

46. double date with friends

47. bike or motorcycle ride

48. u-pick berry patch or orchard

49. house/land search (line up several places to look at)

50. take-out and Netflix at home (this is our go-to date!)

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