Working From Home While Homeschooling: Our New Schedule

We have been getting hit with one medical thing after another the last several weeks. It has been ridiculous! Through it all, we have been trying to continue with our seat work, but have gotten less completed than I’d like to admit.

I work online from 1 pm to 4 pm most weekdays. I am re-committing to being done with my online work by 4 pm every day so that I can have supper ready by 5 pm. (keep in mind, I am working right in my living room with my 7 children with me. This means that I am not steadily working, but I am working as much as I can while caring for my children’s needs, stopping to read a book to them for a few minutes, feeding my baby, etc.)

With juggling regular household chores and my online work, we need to streamline our day to get the most from it. We have the rest of the calendar year to finish our school year, so I’m not too worried. However, I am feeling like we need to switch things up a bit and try out a new schedule to make our day more efficient.

With inspiration from reading other homeschool blogs, I had a light bulb type of moment recently. I realized I need to have my oldest focus on his independent work first thing, while I am working with the younger two kids. That way the younger kids with shorter attention spans are done right away in the morning. Then I can work with my oldest on language arts, etc. We are only changing a couple of things in the morning, but here is our new schedule, starting today.

After Breakfast & Chores (hopefully by 9 AM) –
Read the Bible with kids.
Get Josiah (grade 3/4) started on his math.
Spend 30 minutes working on phonics/math with Hadassah (grade 1) and Marcus (K5).
Do The Phonics Road with Josiah (includes spelling, grammar, handwriting/cursive, literature study, intro to Latin, etc.).

After Lunch & Chores & While I am Working Online –
Kids watch one educational show from Netflix (Science, Geography, History, etc.).
Kids listen to one online episode of Adventures in Odyssey.
Kids go outside, read, play, etc.

I am hoping that switching things up a little bit will give us a boost of energy to conquer the second half of the school year. That’s it. It’s really that simple to homeschool, at least on paper. Of course, it takes actually doing it to make it successful!

Do you do school through the summer? Do you work from home? How do you schedule it all in?

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