Why I LOVE My Homeschool Conference & Why YOU Need To Attend One

Why I LOVE My Homeschool Conference & Why YOU Need To Attend One


There are so many reasons why I love attending our local homeschool conference. If you have never been to one, you should find one near you and make plans to go! Every state has at least one large, main homeschool conference. For us, we attend the conference that is hosted by OCEANetwork (Oregon Christian Home Education Association Network) and takes place in Oregon, since our state’s homeschool convention is too far away from where we live.

Why I LOVE My Homeschool Conference & Why YOU Need To Attend One

A Sense of Belonging

  • Fellowship with homeschool family’s that we know & new family’s we meet.
  • Surrounded by hundreds of homeschool parents and families.
  • Brothers and sisters in Christ since our conference is Christian-based.
  • Large families (not all, but most of the homeschooling families around here have several children).
  • If I ever need a “tribe” or “village”, I’ll find it at the conference. In fact, I may only get together with my “people” in person while at the conference, but that’s okay (introverts unite, occasionally – that’s my style, lol).

me and friends at convention 2015

Encouragement Everywhere

  • Veteran homeschool parents who understand.
  • Veteran homeschool parent speakers who deliver a powerful message.
  • Newbie and “in the trenches” moms who understand!
  • Overall positive message towards homeschooling, discipleship, family, and faith.

me and Dunagans at convention 2015

Get Up Close To The Homeschool Vendors

  • Chat with the brand rep and/or the owner of homeschool-focused businesses.
  • See the curriculum and/or products up close.
  • Compare multiple curriculum choices.
  • Develop lasting relationships with them (and as a blogger, form business partnerships, too!).

One of our favorite vendors at our homeschool convention - YWAM Publishing

The Used Book Sale

  • Our conference has a used book sale that includes textbooks, fiction/nonfiction books, educational DVDs, various other homeschool items, and all for every age/grade!
  • You can sell your used homeschool curriculum, too!

Last year I scored about 20 items (most of them are pictured here with the YWAM books & Lamplighter Theater CD we bought new) for around $80… and $50 of that was for a set (of 9) like-new art DVDs that were still in plastic wrap and over 50% off!

Bought at our conference's used book sale!

So, I highly encourage you to attend your local homeschool convention. And, if you are in Washington or Oregon, then attend OCEANetwork’s conference! You will be blessed!

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