Encouragement For The Christian Homeschool Family

Have you ever felt discouraged and alone in this homeschooling journey? Do you ever wonder if there are others out there who believe as you do? Do you wonder where the encouragement for the Christian homeschool family is?

As a Christian homeschooling family who is quite conservative, we have often found it difficult to find others with similar beliefs. Sometimes we have wondered if there were anyone else who believed the same way we do, who desires the same lifestyle as we do for our children. And if they were out there somewhere, we wondered where we could find them

If you have been called to homeschool your children and are seeking encouragement for your soul, then I highly recommend that you attend a Christian homeschool conference! Our experience at the OCEANetwork Conference was incredible. My husband and I found ourselves surrounded by like-minded believers, many of them with the same convictions and goals for their families.

Though the OCEANetwork Conference is indeed a homeschool conference, it is about so much more than homeschooling. It is about the Christian family as a whole. It is about Jesus as our foundation, building a strong marriage, raising our children to be godly men & women, and how that is all a part of homeschooling.

Every session was opened with a word of prayer. There were sessions on how to engage life for the glory of God, how to nurture our marriage, how to raise real men out of our boys, how to raise a thinking child in an electronic world, how to live our life for Jesus, and so much more!

Our spirits were flooded with conviction and encouragement as God’s truths were spoken again and again throughout the two day conference. We are not extroverted or charismatic people, but we found ourselves wanting to shout “amen!” during many of the sessions. We didn’t shout, instead we just silently took it all in and pondered it in our hearts & souls – and then discussed it between ourselves to great depth.

About half-way through the very first opening session, my husband leaned over and whispered in my ear, “this is EXACTLY where we need to be – wow!”. The boldness in which God’s Word was spoken was very surprising and refreshing.

During a session about raising our boys to be real men of the Lord, my husband told me that he was reminded just how powerful it is to be homeschooling our children… how homeschooling provides us with the important opportunity to raise our children up to be mighty warriors for God!

For us, the OCEANetwork Conference was reassuring, convicting, refreshing, and encouraging to our souls. We left there feeling strengthened in our marriage, parenting, and homeschooling. If you are a family in the Pacific Northwest, do plan and prepare to attend the OCEANetwork Conference every year! If you are not in our area, then I encourage you to seek out a similar homeschool conference to attend. You will be blessed!

Some of the sessions we attended were:

Gregg Harris

Jon & Ann Dunagan

Hal & Melanie Young

Daniel Craig

The vendors we loved the most:



The speakers were so encouraging. I hope that you can attend the OCEANetwork conference or a similar one near you this year!

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