The Shadow Of Grief

The shadow of grief follows me,
It never lets me go.
Sometimes the shadow covers me completely,
no sunshine is in sight.
Only gray and dark and cloudiness,
everywhere I look.
Sometimes rain accompanies it
and I cannot escape its misery.
Other times, the sun shines brightly,
and the shadow is plainly seen.
Its outline is there, in the midst of the light,
a constant reminder of what I have lost.
When I face directly into the sun rays,
I forget the shadow behind me.
Then, all too soon, I turn around,
and the darkness greets me again.
It is like an imaginary friend,
except I am not imagining it,
and it is definitely not my friend.
Like an imaginary friend that I have outgrown,
I am embarrassed to bring it up.
However, a few have met it
and know that I am not making it up.
I’ve met others with similar shadows,
each their own unique shape.
They are dragged behind, above,
and sometimes within us…
mothers who grieve.

A Grieving Mother's Confession

5 thoughts on “The Shadow Of Grief

  1. So sorry friend! Two of my cousins live in this very same shadow of grief. It hurts my heart when I talk with them about their sweet little ones. Praying for you.

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