Continuing Education: Online Courses

As a homeschooling mom, I am naturally learning a lot while teaching my kids. I am reviewing the basics, discovering things I wasn’t taught, and enjoying every minute of it (well, almost every minute… some days getting my oldest to get through his writing lesson is less than enjoyable).

For example, I have thoroughly enjoyed teaching language arts since it feeds my extreme love for words, their meanings, and the art of writing. Math… uh, not so much. Numbers give me a headache.

Aside from academics, I am learning through experience and trial and error about so many things in life, as does anyone. Over the years, I have taken a few online courses (eCourses) to educate myself on things I am interested in.

In addition to the ones I have personally taken, there are several other online courses that I have researched and dreamed about doing. If only time & money were irrelevant!

Online Courses For Mom

Vintage Remedies has several Intermediate and Advanced online courses to choose from to educate yourself on all things to do with holistic wellness and caring for your family naturally. Currently, I am signed up for two eCourses from Vintage Remedies.

Institute For Writers – Become a better writer through this online/distance-learning course! I took this course many years ago, back when my first blog was on xanga!

Capella University – FlexPath offers self-paced college courses in a variety of areas. Perfect for busy moms who want to continue their education. They have several courses I would love to take.

Penn Foster College is flexible and affordable. They offer Associates, Bachelor, Master degrees and certificate programs is a variety of areas. This seems the most doable for me, but I have yet to take the leap!

Ultimate Bundles has several eCourses and other educational material for every part of mom-life!

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