Do You Want An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker?

Do You Want An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker?


Have you heard about the Instant Pot yet? It is an electric pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, and steamer that can saute, make yogurt, and more. It sounds too good to be true, I know! But, it is a real small kitchen appliance and it has made my life so much easier.

I own the 8qt. and like all Instant Pots, it has a stainless steel exterior, insert pot, and rack that can easily be cleaned. You can choose the perfect size for your family (5, 6, or 8qt.)

They also have a glass lid to make slow cooking more convenient and a set of accessories available for purchase. But, to be honest, I have neither and haven’t needed them in the 12+ months I’ve been using the IP. I kind of want them, though.

I do, however, have a steamer basket (like this one) that I use in my Instant Pot every day. It works awesome for steaming eggs.

I use it as a pressure cooker (sidenote: this is not a pressure canner) and a steamer. I use it daily and most often for hard-steamed eggs, pinto beans, and roast dinners. Those are all staples in our home, but when my life slows down, I hope to experiment with more recipes, including some sweet ones!

I plan to buy another 8qt. Instant Pot at some point because I’d love to have a huge roast cooking in one while veggies are being steamed in the other. Hashtag large family goals. 😉

Why I Love The Instant Pot

  • it’s practically an all-in-one appliance (eliminate the clutter!)
  • it’s super easy to use (pre-set and programmable options)
  • one-pot meals (my favorite types)
  • easy clean-up (an obvious must)
  • quicker cook time (last-minute meal planning)
  • hard-steamed eggs peel easily (this is very important in our house since we consume almost 5 dozen hard-steamed eggs per week)
  • can be used as a slow cooker (prep and start in the morning)
  • healthier food options (steamed, etc.)
  • makes homesteading easier (make yogurt, less time cooking and more time for the rest of your work, etc.)
  • stainless steel is healthier than other cookware/bakeware materials (although, cast iron is another must in our home)
  • moist, tender, flavorful meats without hours of cooking/roasting (we like how meat turns out in the IP better than a crock pot)
  • pressure cooking retains the flavor and moisture of foods, so fewer seasonings and liquids are needed compared to roasting/slow cooking (frugal. however, a small amount of liquid IS needed)

There are probably more reasons to love an Instant Pot that I can’t remember at the moment. I just know that it has made meal planning and dinner prep so much easier for me as a busy homeschooling mom of seven children!

Every since I purchased mine, it has been added to my top small kitchen appliances for homemakers list. Do you own an Instant Pot? What is your favorite thing to make in it?


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20 thoughts on “Do You Want An Instant Pot Pressure Cooker?

  1. I was 23 whn my son was born–he will soon finish his medical residency. I was 34 when my daughter was born–she just earned her undergrad from University of Texas. That is 11 years difference and stands as proof that sometimes you just don’t know how things will work out 🙂

  2. I was 22 when we had our first child. We now have 2. The instant pot has been on my wish list for a while for our busy schedule!

  3. I was 22 when my twins were born. I was pregnant 11 times and had five live births. I helped raise five step-children. Thus My total is 10.

  4. I was 27 when I had the first of my 2 sons; now my older son has blessed me w/ 2 grandsons so far. We’re hoping for a girl sometime…from someone!

  5. We I was a mom I was 17. I now have 4 children and they are all grown. My youngest is now 37.

  6. I was 26 when I had my son. Then in 2012, I married my husband and got a ready made family of 3 more kids. Now there are 4 kids, with 3 big-eating boys and one girl. I love the instant pot and would love to be able to make yogurt in it. My husband is Persian, so homemade yogurt would save a lot of money in our house!

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