Homeschool Unit Studies: What They Are, How To Create Your Own, + Internet-Based Resources

Homeschool Unit Studies: What They Are, How To Create Your Own, + Internet-Based Resources


Unit Studies are when you choose a topic to research and explore, then incorporate all or most subjects to create a more interesting way of learning.

There are several all-in-one curriculums that use the unit study format. There are also stand-alone unit studies you can purchase based on topic.

You can read all about the different homeschool curriculum companies that offer unit studies at the Cathy Duffy Reviews website.

What Are Homeschool Unit Studies?

Most include core subjects like reading, writing, history, science, and literature. Some also include music, art, home economics, and more.

Some unit studies take just a week to complete while others can last several weeks. It really depends on your pace and how deep you want to go on each topic.

These are popular with ‘delight-directed’ homeschoolers since you can let your student choose the topic they want to study. When they are actually interested in learning, it will make it fun.

Create Your Own Unit Studies

  • Choose a topic.
  • Gather books & DVDs related to the topic from the library or your own bookshelf.
  • Utilize the internet and YouTube with supervision.
  • Go on field trips or take classes for an up-close and hands-on experience.
  • Use notebooking pages and/or journals to allow the student to record notes and draw sketches as they learn.
  • Plan activities such as science experiments, arts and crafts, cooking and baking, reenacting, host a themed dinner, etc.
  • Use the dictionary to look up new words along the way for vocabulary and spelling.

So, what might that look like in real life? Let’s say we chose to study mummies.

We’d read nonfiction books and watch documentaries about Ancient Egypt and learn why mummies exist (reading, history, world religions).

Do a mummy experiment (science).

Use the internet for research (PC skills).

Visit a museum (culture arts, history, etc.).

Learn to draw or build pyramids (arts and crafts).

Get in the kitchen and make Egyptian foods (math, science, home ec skills).

Write a short mystery story about a mummy and include hieroglyphics (writing skills).

Read living history books (literature, history).

And so on.

And you can do this with just about any topic that interests your child!

Online Unit Studies

If you love the idea of using unit studies in your homeschool but feel overwhelmed by the thought of creating your own and want a more modern way to homeschool, check out Online Unit Studies. Online Unit Studies offers many topics to choose from.

What sets Online Unit Studies apart is that they are all internet-based. But, you do not have to be tech-savvy to use them.

It’s actually a very simple, organized, and clutter-free way to teach your kids. It allows your child to learn safe computer skills while learning!

Created by a homeschooling mom for homeschooling moms. It’s definitely another option to consider.

So, now you know what homeschool unit studies are, how you can create your own, and a new techie way to use unit studies! 

One thought on “Homeschool Unit Studies: What They Are, How To Create Your Own, + Internet-Based Resources

  1. I LOVE unit studies! It’s as much fun for me, most of the time, as it is for my son. It’s also worked really well for his learning style. He’s definitely one that likes to dive into a subject deeply.

    This post is great and has given me some additional ideas to consider for next year as well. Thank you!

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