How To Host An Amazing Autumn Party On A Budget!

How To Host An Amazing Autumn Party On A Budget!


You can host an amazing autumn party on a budget to celebrate fall and all of the beauty that comes with it! My family has been having Fall Parties every September or October for about twenty years now and it is always so much fun!

The yummy food, creative games, and family time is a great way to create memories. Plus, you get to decorate for fall using the gorgeous colors of the season so that’s a win-win situation!

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How To Host An Amazing Autumn Party On A Budget

  • Set a date and invite your family & friends a couple of weeks ahead of time.
  • Plan the food. One way to get a variety of party foods on a tight budget is to have everyone bring their favorite dish – pot-luck style! Choose a theme like Soups, Bean-based, “must include apple/pumpkin, etc.”, and so on. Slow-cooker dishes are perfect for the cooler weather and are usually easy to transport to an event — just plug them back in to keep warm/reheat. BUSH’S® Beans are going to be your best friend for this event! Not only are they versatile and healthy but they are super frugal when buying from Walmart. 
  • Plan games. Ask everyone to bring their favorite group game. If the weather will be nice, choose outdoor games.
  • Plan decor! Your local Walmart will have a lot of cute, yet frugal options so be sure to check there before buying from another (more expensive) place.

Frugal Autumn Party Food Ideas - Crockpot Meals!

Frugal Autumn Party Food Ideas – Crockpot Meals!

BUSH’S® Beans has several varieties of canned beans available at Walmart that will make putting together these frugal family-friendly slow-cooker dishes simple. From light and nutty to rich and dark, their plain black, pinto, or kidney beans are the base for nourishing meals. And you can spice up your favorite chili with hearty BUSH’S® Beans, simmered in chili sauces, made with a special blend of chiles, spices, garlic, and onions. Their variety of chili beans include mild, medium, or hot flavors of pinto, white, red, or black chili beans. #BushsBeansFallFlavors

  • Slow-cooker kielbasa and bbq beans.
  • Slow-cooker 7-can soup.
  • Slow-cooker baked beans.
  • Slow-cooker white bean soup.
  • Slow-cooker chili macaroni.
  • Slow-cooker bean & ham soup.
  • Slow-cooker bean dip.
  • Slow-cooker bean & chicken tortilla soup.
  • Slow-cooker red beans & rice.
  • Slow-cooker chili. Add some pumpkin/squash to your chili for a fall twist.
  • Slow-cooker mini sausages. Apply jelly and Dijon mustard is a favorite fall-themed sauce!
  • Slow-cooker meatballs. Use ground chicken or turkey for a frugal option!

Pinterest has a recipe for everything! Add a few bags of tortilla chips, some loaves of crusty bread from the Walmart bakery, apple cider, hot tea, & coffee to complete the meal!

Frugal Autumn Party Games & Activities – Family-Friendly!

  • Bean bag toss. Homemade and simple. Toss bean bags into the holes on a slanted wood target, earn points. You can just use decorated baggies of dried beans to keep it super easy.
  • Pin the tail on the donkey. The traditional game. You can usually find these for cheap at Walmart in their party section, but if not, have the kids make their own fall-themed edition – “pin the stem on the apple”!
  • Guess how many. Small cute, glass jars with lids, holding candy-corn or other Autumn-themed candy. Everyone guesses how much candy is in each and the winner gets the jar of candy.
  • Ring toss. Use pumpkins with tall stems to try and toss the rings around, each worth x amount.
  • Apple Eating Contest. Hang apples and see who can eat the most of their apple within a set amount of time, without using their hands!
  • Scavenger hunt. Create your own fall-themed scavenger hunt! Have participants collect or discover leaves in each color, acorns/nuts, squirrels, crows, pumpkins, apples, etc. tailored to your region and fall weather.
  • Pumpkin decorating contest. You can use markers, paint, glue, ribbons, leaves, etc. It is a great way to use up old art and craft supplies that are almost gone and forgotten in the back of the cupboard. Then have everyone vote for their favorite.
  • Caramel Apple Creating Station. Caramel sauce, chopped nuts, candy, and fruit. Let everyone create their own dessert!

Frugal Autumn Party Decor

Frugal Autumn Party Decor

  • Check the party and/or home sections at your local Walmart.
  • Collect fallen leaves off the ground around your home. You can scatter them down the center of the table, pin them on the wall in a pattern or pretty formation, hang from yarn/thread from the ceiling, and place them in between the dishes of food! There are so many ways you can easily use (free) leaves to decorate for a true fall-themed party.
  • You can also use pine cones, acorns, and more from nature! Be creative!
  • Create an autumn wreath using wood, leaves, etc. Pinterest has tons of ideas!
  • Pumpkins. They are everywhere and usually cheap, especially the small ones that are perfect for decorating.
  • Use less-traditional but always adorable owls and foxes in your decor (my personal favorites).
  • Use deep and warm colors like reds, browns, greens, gold, etc.

Follow the above steps to host an amazing autumn party on a budget. Be inspired, have fun, and enjoy the season!

I’d love to hear ways you celebrate Autumn! What are your favorite fall decorations, games, colors, foods, etc.??

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