7-Day Meal Plan For A Dairy Free, Trim Healthy Mama, Paleo Family

7-Day Meal Plan For A Dairy Free, Trim Healthy Mama, Paleo Family - kid friendly too!

Here is our new meal plan! We have been picking up fast food way too often and so I decided to revamp our simple menu plan to include a few new options with hopes that I will be inspired to cook more often! Plus, a meal plan just makes it easier on my poor burnt-out brain when it comes to deciding what’s for dinner!

These are all meals that allow for me to eat Trim Healthy Mama/Paleo and are dairy and peanut free for our two sons’ allergies. I will be making sure my kids get a “crossover” each meal by adding a carb (potato/grain) for them. Mostly whole foods and easy to make. Keep in mind, we thrive on routine and repetition at our house, so rotating simple meals work great for us!

7-Day Meal Plan For Dairy Free, Trim Healthy Mama, Paleo Family

Monday – Ground beef soft tacos and bean burritos (using beans I make with my Instant Pot every week). I will have a low-carb tortilla (I use this kind and get them from Fred Meyer) with ground beef, chopped tomatoes, onions, avocado, greek yogurt, and taco sauce.

Tuesday – Instant Pot beef roast with potatoes for kids and sauteed mushrooms, spinach, onions, brussels sprouts (etc.) for myself.

Wednesday – Sauteed leftover roast with Asian stir fry veggies (broccoli, carrots, peas, onions, etc.), and rice for kids.

Thursday – Balsamic or other easy Instant Pot chicken breasts/thighs, salad greens, and mashed potatoes for kids. I make delicious dairy-free mashed potatoes using a little chicken broth and mayo.

Friday – Pasta with ground beef & pasta sauce for kids. Dinner date at home for us. This will be the one meal where I will eat whatever I want, in moderation. 


We try to mix things up a little on the weekends and do a lot of grilled meats so that my husband can take over part of the meals for me. I don’t plan to be as strict with my S & E meals on Saturday/Sunday and will allow myself crossovers. Whole foods and no added sugar will be my main goals for the weekend.

– Instant Pot pork roast soft tacos with raw shredded cabbage, pico de Gallo, green onions, and avocado/cilantro dressing. I will use a low-carb tortilla.

– Grilled kielbasa & sauteed/roasted cabbage, saurkraut,  & rice for kids.

– Hamburger patties, THM coleslaw, & hamburger buns and brown beans for kids. I like to top my hamburger with sauteed onions and spinach.

– Grilled beef steaks, cottage cheese, & homemade fries.


My breakfasts are almost always a bullet-proof coffee, which is as simple as coffee, THM integral collagen, stevia drops, and half & half… or as gourmet as adding maca powder, coconut oil, and other nutrient-packed deliciousness. This frother really takes the bullet-proof coffee up a notch on the yumminess scale! On Sundays, I eat a big breakfast which is usually turkey sausage & bacon, eggs, and potato hash browns, but changing the potatoes to sauteed low-carb veggies is one of my goals. We also make breakfast casseroles using leftover meats, veggies, and eggs on Sundays a couple of times a month.

My kids will continue having what has been working well for them: a choice of hard-boiled (IP steamed) eggs, oatmeal with pure maple syrup, bananas and/or frozen fruit (blueberries & strawberries), dairy-free smoothies. On Saturdays, they eat bagels with cream cheese or sunbutter. On Sundays, they eat the same big breakfast as me.


My lunches are still a work in progress as I search for the best simple and easy meals. Currently, I often have THM Not-Naughty noodles which I make with “broth” with hot sauce in it (I actually use the seasoning pack from Ramen noodles – totally not a THM purist move) and cheese slices. Or lunch meat and cheese wrapped in a low-carb tortilla with mustard.

My kids often eat a lot of snack-type, finger foods. Turkey pepperoni sausage sticks, bread & honey, apples, almonds, carrot sticks, dried seaweed, grapes, dried fruit, etc. Or, they eat sardines and tortilla chips (kind of strange, but they love it).

5 thoughts on “7-Day Meal Plan For A Dairy Free, Trim Healthy Mama, Paleo Family

  1. Meals are hard to keep on top of even with my big kids’ help, and it’s hard to know what is best for every ones needs all the time. Currently I am trying to potty train Caleb, but I think I need to have him go all non dairy to help with that. Besides I still think I should be non dairy for Joshua anyway. Do you usually keep dairy in your house? It’d be easier to keep him off of the dairy if it just wasn’t in the house.

    1. Yes we do keep Greek yogurt, half&half for my coffee, and sometimes cheese … Obviously Josiah doesn’t question not getting dairy …

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