Gifts For The Homeschool Family

Do you know a homeschool family? Here is a list of gift ideas for the homeschool family. Use it as a guide when gift shopping or send it to your friends and family so they have some ideas of what to get for you. Most of these are items that can be enjoyed by the entire family and are educational, too!


Give the gift of an experience! A family membership to the local zoo, museum passes, or admission to another local attraction like wildlife parks or historic landmarks. These are all perfect gifts for the homeschool family who loves to learn together! Anything that is within driving distance would work and make a fun homeschool field trip! Throw in a fuel gift card and some snacks, if you are able. I know that this gift pack would be well received!
Give the gift of Language! Language is important to everyone, right? We need to speak and communicate well in this world. Learning a foreign language is beneficial, too. At Compass Classroom, you will find the Visual Latin DVD course. Visual Latin is an entertaining Latin curriculum that the entire family will enjoy! I personally like to have these types of learning tools around for us to watch “for fun”. You would be surprised how much we retain just from adding these things into our everyday life. Of course, if you want to understand Latin well, you would need to fully embrace the curriculum. We love watching Word Up! The Vocab Show, too. Compass Classroom has many more learning tools for parents and children, including the DVDs “Homeschool Made Simple” and “Economics For Everybody”. The Economics For Everybody DVD course is very interesting. My oldest watches it for fun. 
Give the gift of God’s Word! As a Christian homeschool family, God’s Word is an important part of our day and used as often as possible within our curriculum. We love listening to the Bible on audio and it makes it simple for everyone to hear, plus mom doesn’t lose her voice with all of the reading. Having the Bible on audio really makes it easier to surround our family with God’s Word every day. This is a great gift for any family, whether they homeschool or not!


KJV Listener's Complete Bible--62 CDs - Narrated By: Max McLean By: Narrated by Max McLean

Give the gift of art! If your children are budding artists or if the adults in your family enjoy coloring, then a set of coloring books for all ages is the perfect gift! These delightful coloring books will encourage the entire family to spend time together, being creative. It will be a lot of fun for everyone! Include colored pencils, Sharpies, and crayons for a complete gift set.

Give the gift of mixed media! I am a fan of meaningful entertainment. These DVDs from Moore Family Films for the family are Christ-centered. They have a sweet DVD for the kids and several DVDs to choose from for the older people in your family. Of course, the old classic movies are always a great family gift if you are careful to choose family-friendly titles! In addition to movies, the family can be entertained by audio dramas and books.
Some of our favorites are from:
Give the gift of games. Board games are a great homeschool family gift. They encourage the family to gather around a table together, sit face-to-face, interact, and enjoy each other while using critical thinking skills! It is a win-win all around. There are so many board games to choose from, you just need to decide what sounds like the best fit for your family and go for it! Our favorites are The Farming Game and Monopoly.
Give the gift of food! Last, but not least: you can do a family food basket. Those are always a hit. Shopping at a store like Costco will make it easy to find family-sized food items like summer sausage, crackers, cheese, sparkling juices, candies, or even everything you need for gifting an entire family meal! You can always choose one of the other gift ideas from above to include in the food basket for a complete family gift.
What was the best gift your family has ever received?

Favorite Gifts For Homeschool Families

Virtual Explorer Prehistoric Safari 4-in-1 VR, AR, hands-on play and learning system with Dino Excavation Kit, VR Goggles and App, Augmented Reality cards and Explorer GuideVirtual Explorer Prehistoric Safari 4-in-1 VR, AR, hands-on play and learning system with Dino Excavation Kit, VR Goggles and App, Augmented Reality cards and Explorer GuideVisual Latin - Latin 1Visual Latin – Latin 1Word Up! The Vocab Show | Volume 1Word Up! The Vocab Show | Volume 1Holy Bible: KJV Large Print Edition: Two-tone Pink / Brown (King James Bible)Holy Bible: KJV Large Print Edition: Two-tone Pink / Brown (King James Bible)Under Drake's Flag: The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. HentyUnder Drake’s Flag: The Extraordinary Adventures of G.A. HentyThe Farming Game: Card VersionThe Farming Game: Card VersionFarming Game - KidsFarming Game – KidsHigh Five Ham Gift Assortment from The Swiss ColonyHigh Five Ham Gift Assortment from The Swiss Colony

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  1. Hands down the homemade food items! We have been gifted homemade jams and jellies, candies and cookies, crackers and even homemade cheese! Homemade wine, homemade spice blends! The time, love and energy it takes to make a safe and clean food item- is priceless and beloved. We always feel very cherished.

    1. We love getting food, too! We are a food-loving family… Although food allergies make it hard for others to gift us food. And yes, homemade is the best!

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