Nature Study Science Resources For Elementary Grades

Nature Study Science Resources For Elementary Grades


This year we are using a few different nature study science resources to focus on animals, the seasons, weather, and all of “nature” with all 7 of my kids (ages 2-11). In addition to nature science, my oldest will be reading two other general science textbooks that correlate with our history studies. Since he loves reading science textbooks, I am always adding them to our library to accommodate his learning style. But, otherwise, we will be taking a nature study approach to science.

I am really looking forward to doing science this year, which is sort of a first for me. I am not really a “science person”. However, I am excited that I have found a way to make science work for my STEM-less personality, haha! (STEM = science, technology, engineering, math). These are mostly geared toward my younger kids in preschool and lower elementary grades.

Nature Study Science Resources (literature & arts based)

Handbook of Nature Study is one book I will be using with my oldest. I have heard great things about it for awhile now and I am excited to finally check it out!

The Year At Maple Hill Farm is going to be a great way to study the seasons and animals with my younger kids. I love that it is all about farm life!

Christian Liberty Nature Readers books K, 1, 2, & 5 will be referenced throughout the year. These are great Christ-centered science books! I plan to get the complete set over time.

Buddy Davis’ Amazing Adventures: Swamp Man! is a really great DVD about the swamp and the creatures that reside there. Buddy sings some original songs and points the viewers to our amazing Creator! We own 3 DVDs in this series and I also want to get his Alaska! DVD.

Nature Journals will be a great way to let the kids record what they learn through pictures, art, and words. We will probably just use blank notebooks, but there are a lot of cute ready-made nature journals available to purchase. These are perfect for a Charlotte Mason homeschool method (a style I find myself becoming more and more drawn to through the years). 

Draw Write Now Book 1: On the Farm, Kids and Critters, Storybook Characters is going to be perfect for centering our art lessons around animals! I also bought these handy art workbooks for the kids to draw and record their copywork. 

Mike’s Inspiration Station DVD series has several art lessons on drawing animals in various formats (cartoon, charcoal, pastels, watercolor, etc.). We own and love his entire 12-DVD series!

Other than the DVDs, all of the above nature study science resources are new to us this school year. We also own a variety of other creation-science books & DVDs about animals that we will be referencing or watching throughout the year.

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