5 Reasons Homeschooling Makes Parenting Easier

5 Reasons Homeschooling Makes Parenting Easier


Whether you send your kids to public school or home educate, you are ultimately responsible for raising your children. And parenting is hard work. As hard as that responsibility is, homeschooling makes parenting easier.

Homeschooling has been such a positive experience for our family, I can’t help but shout its praises! And one thing I learned (or was reminded of) while at our local homeschool conference is how little academics matter in the grand scope of life. You know what truly matters? Raising our kids to be godly men & women.

Choosing to homeschool may seem like you are making your life as a parent harder, but I beg to differ. In my experience, and from what I have heard many veteran homeschool parents confirm, homeschooling actually makes parenting easier in so many ways.

Here are 5 reasons homeschooling makes parenting easier…

  1. More time together for character training, Bible study, and meaningful conversations equal less chance for bitterness, grudges, or bad attitudes to grow or linger.
  2. More opportunities to be intentional and attentive with your children in training & loving them, creating more of a bond and mutual respect between you all. Disagreements, disobediences, and hurt feelings can be worked out more thoroughly since you do not have many outside activities to hurry off to in the middle of it.
  3. You gain more helpful hands when you teach your children necessary life skills and how to work as a family team. This also creates a positive attitude towards working hard as your children work alongside you and learn by example.
  4. You can create your own schedule, routine, and stable home atmosphere. Security & routine are so important to children!
  5. As you teach the older children the joy of learning, the younger children will be eager to start school, too! This actually makes adding more students to your homeschool super easy!

So, there are the top 5 reasons homeschooling makes parenting easier.

To be honest, the thought of needing to have my kids dressed, fed, and out the door early every morning sounds so much harder than teaching them in the comfort of our own home. Not to mention the stress that would come from worrying about my boys’ food allergies and my daughter’s medical/special needs, etc.

I believe that being away from my kids for several hours 5 days every week would disrupt our relationships in ways that make me sad to think about.

To be fair, I have never sent my kids to public school. However, since I experienced public, private-Christian, and homeschooling throughout my childhood, I am fairly certain that I can indeed speak to the changes that take place in the parent-child relationship. The best years of my education were spent at home with my mom.

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  1. I SO agree!! I never sent my kids to public school, but we did do Christian school for 2 years(though I still homeschooled my kindergartener one year) and I was SO glad to have my kids back home with me at the end of those years!! Easier overall and SO much more rewarding!!

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