Why We Love Schola Publications (A Review)

I’ve told you about Schola Publications in the past. I’ve already written about levels one and two. I’ve even introduced you to level three. Now, that we’ve spent 4 months using level three, I wanted to give an update.

In no particular order, here is why we still love The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading.

The Phonics Road to Spelling & Reading Level 3

I received this product for free in exchange for my honest opinion.
It Is Thorough
This program includes penmanship (cursive in level 3), grammar and parts of speech, spelling and vocabulary, reading comprehension, and writing. It is a complete language arts program.
It Is Simple
It is simple and to the point. When it is a little complicated, I can easily re-watch the Teacher’s DVD or read the Teacher’s manual. It is all explained and it all makes sense. Each level and lesson build on each other.
It is NOT Distracting
The Student’s binder is in black & white with no pictures. It is blank and ready for the student to fill in with what they’ve learned. It is not full of colorful and lively pictures and I like it that way! As explained in level 1, there are purposely no colorful pictures in the program so that the student is not distracted or taught to remember a letter by a picture, etc.
It Is A Solid Foundation
Having started at level 1 with my oldest when he was 7, we have been laying a very solid foundation for English grammar and phonics with The Phonics Road series.
When I was in public elementary school, phonics was just starting to become a popular way to teach reading and so I got a mix of phonics and the “look-say” style of teaching, which resulted in me knowing that letters make their own sounds, but wasn’t thoroughly taught exactly what each letter/team says! I wasn’t sure of spelling rules or how they worked. The Phonics Road has changed all of that and has taught my oldest (and myself) the “how & why” to spelling!

Full Language Arts Program

It Is Teacher-Friendly
I love being able to watch Mrs. Beers teach the lessons on the DVD. If you don’t want to take 30 minutes per week to watch the week’s lesson, then this program may not be for you. The bulk of the explanation for the lesson is found on the DVD. The Teacher’s Manual does have a summary of each day, but does not explain new concepts. However, it is a very teacher-friendly program since it shows you exactly what and how to teach. Of course, in true homeschooling fashion, you can tweak it to meet your child’s needs.
It Is Flexible
Sometimes, we need to take the day off for medical emergencies (which seem to happen all too often around here) and then we will pick back up where we left off the next day or week. This program is set up by numbered weeks and each week has 5 days of lessons. There are 34 weeks in level 3 and 52 weeks in a calendar year. That gives us a lot of flexibility!
It Is Advanced
I’m not sure how a 5 or 6-year-old could ever completely do level 1 or if a 8 or 9-year-old could be ready for level 3! This program is very rigorous and advanced! It requires a lot of writing right away in level 1 and only gets more advanced with each level. For this reason, I tweak the program to fit my children’s needs. For example, Josiah did level one at age 7 and we did it all verbally without writing. He had already taken phonics through another curriculum in K5 and grade 1 and was BURNT OUT on writing and seat work. He could read well, but wasn’t great at spelling. A lot of level 1 was review for him, but a lot of it was new and necessary in order to have a solid foundation in spelling and grammar. This worked for us. He is technically “behind” according to levels, but he tests extremely well on his CAT each year. Well above average for his age in language arts. Even though he started this program a little later, at the rate we are working through The Phonics Road and plan to work through The Latin Road, Josiah will have all 7 levels completed in 8th grade (before he turns 15 and starts high school). Yes, we do plan to use Schola Publications through 8th grade, we love it that much!
It Is Interesting
I love that the history of the English language is included in many lessons throughout the program. We learn whether the English word came from German, Latin/Greek, or French. We learn why English words are spelled the way they are. We learn about Old English. There are tidbits of interesting facts sprinkled throughout the program, keeping us interested (or at least me!).
It Is Child-Friendly
The Rule Tunes and music are lovely, funny, catchy-tunes. My kids love them and even listen to them for fun!
It Is Classical AND Charlotte Mason-y AND Textbook-y
Between the Latin emphasis, notebooking and dictation, and seatwork The Phonics Road combines a few styles of learning/teaching to create a beautiful language arts curriculum! It’s the best of all styles, in my humble opinion. And, as with most homeschooling families, we can tweak it to best fit our eclectic style!
It Is Exactly What I Want In A Phonics/Language Arts Program
That pretty much sums up why we love Schola Publications! I couldn’t be happier with this language arts program. It is solid and flexible. It is perfect for our family.

2 thoughts on “Why We Love Schola Publications (A Review)

  1. Sounds too good to be true. We are struggling with spelling around here and I'm not sure why. Would you recommend this for older kids who need to learn spelling better? I've looked into it enough to see that they do have a recommended way to use it for older kids on their site.

  2. Email her through the website and ask her what she thinks. Tell her your kids' ages and needs. I'm really thankful I found it when Josiah was still young and we could start at level 1. If you wanted to get it for your younger kids, I'd suggest buying level 1 and then having the older kids sit in on the video lessons when you watch them, that's obviously how I learned through the program (by watching the DVDs).

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