What is Homemaking?

The word homemaking may mean different things to different people.

To me, it means “making a home”.

It doesn’t mean decorating with the latest trends, buying the newest furniture, or keeping the cleanest house.

Making a home means providing a safe place for my children to live and learn.

It means providing my children a place of comfort and joy.

It means allowing messes and imaginative play.

It means providing wholesome and nourishing food for my family, though not gourmet or creative.

It means caring for their needs, whether medical, educational, or spiritual.

It means saving money where and whenever I can; groceries, household cleaners, etc.

It means becoming a DIYer.

It means researching and learning all I can about caring for my family’s special needs and diet.

It means believing my current work is meaningful and purposeful.

It means taking my job as homemaker seriously.

It means embracing the role God has called me to fulfil in this season of my life.

What does homemaking mean to you?

4 thoughts on “What is Homemaking?

  1. I agree with you. I just did a Bible study on the difference between being a SAHM and keeper at home. I found it interesting that "keeper" mostly points to guarding the home(dwelling) and family in it. Only once in scripture could I find where stay would mean anything similar. I am a keeper at home, not just a stay at home mom. To stay is to not move. To keep the home and guard it is soooo much more then that!!

  2. This is thought provoking. To be honest I could use a study of what homemaking is…I do agree that part of it is to take it seriously & to believe in the value & purpose of it. Also, what Missy(Mrs. Mike) said is something to think about too.

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