Teaching Letters & Sounds (K5)


I have been quite nervous about teaching my next child to read since my oldest was SO easy (he almost taught himself)… but things are going awesome! Hadassah is much more of a hands-on learner than Josiah was/is. She really loves writing the letters best. I have had her practice writing with pencil and paper, on our chalkboard, and with a doodle pad (which is already very well used).

Teaching Letters & Sounds (K5)

Hadassah turned 5 in December and this year we are officially doing “school”. Using The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading as my guide, I am teaching her the letters, their sounds, and their formations. So far she has learned the sounds for, and how to write, 13 letters of the alphabet. Today we did a review of those 13 letters and tomorrow, we’ll add in a few more.

Sometimes I use flashcards of the letters and “drill” her for the letter sounds. Other times, I say the letter’s sound(s) and have her write the correct letter. And, I will write the letter and have her tell me the letter’s sound(s), too.

Our focus right now is learning the sound(s) each individual letter makes and how to write the letter. Then we’ll move on to letter teams, as well as putting the letters together to build words! And then she’ll be reading!

So, there is a look into how I am teaching letters and sounds to my 5-year-old… and really how simple and easy it can be!

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  1. Can you believe it? I miss having someone to teach to read…*sigh*…I am still enjoying watching all my kids learn new things though, especially Liberty. She is still at such a fun age! 🙂 Even listening to Chancy tell me all about our body is neat. ( The two oldest do Body of Evidence and Chancy and Liberty watch with them.) Enjoyed the update 🙂

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