Recipe: Goat’s Milk Baby Formula

I have been on a journey these last -almost- 8 years. A journey called parenting. Through the years, my parenting methods/ideas have changed (hopefully for the better!) and my choices today are much different than my choices of yesteryear. My last 2 (surviving) children have been the product of one of my most drastic/recent changes in my parenting decisions. My last two children have been my chubbiest babies, and that makes me happy!

After dealing with extreme food allergies with my first, failure-to-thrive with my second, and weight loss with my third child, I chose a different route for my 4th. It didn’t start out that way, but by the time he was 3-months-old, I knew something needed to change. And that something was his formula! (BTW, I am a strong believer in breastfeeding, when possible)

Marcus had severe -and I mean severe!- eczema from newborn age on. He scratched himself, all over his body, until he was bleeding and scabbed… he looked miserable! I was breastfeeding and formula supplementing from birth til about week 6, then he was exclusively formula fed. His eczema just got worse and worse. I tried both dairy/cow and soy-based formulas with no improvement. My sister told me about making my own formula, using goat’s milk. So, I tried it. The eczema improved, quite a lot, but was not completely gone. It was worth it, though, for him to get some relief.

I first used a recipe from my sister’s husband’s family’s recipe book (got that? lol)… and it worked, but it was also a lot of work to make (for me, in my season of life). So, with my 6th child, I asked my kids’ pediatrician about it (she had already given her blessing for me to use goat’s milk formula) and she gave me a much simpler recipe! So, that is the recipe I am going to share with you! Of course, talk to your child’s doctor before switching formulas! It has been so reassuring for me to know exactly what I am feeding my baby.

Meyenberg Evaporated Goat Milk Beginning Formula

Evaporated Goat Milk 12oz. (I linked it to the cheapest canned goat milk I have found)
Water 24oz. (I use filtered, boiled water)
Rice Syrup 5 tbsp. (I use organic brown)

I mix all of the above ingredients, using boiling hot water so that the rice syrup easily dissolves, in a juice pitcher. Let cool before giving to baby!

Once baby is 1-year-old you can continue goat milk in place of cow milk, but you should make it whole milk (equal parts goat milk and water) and discontinue the rice syrup. When used with the rice syrup, it is 20 calories per ounce. As whole milk without rice syrup, it is 19 calories per ounce.

Note: Any time goat milk is the sole source of nutrition, doctors recommend a vitamin supplement (I use a liquid multi vitamin supplement prescribed by my kids’ doctor).

I have been very happy with this choice. Though, I think Marcus’ eczema was due, in part, to his peanut allergy… I know that something in the store-bought formulas was causing it to be much worse. I have not regretted my decision to switch formulas!

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3 thoughts on “Recipe: Goat’s Milk Baby Formula

  1. I wish I would of known about this when Felicity was a baby. BUT happy you learned of it and are doing it ๐Ÿ™‚ IF we ever adopt I would use this recipe ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. I was so happy to get my recipe from Sue Matson, did NOT want to fill my child full of that store formula crap!

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