Pursuing A Family Dream

Does your family have a dream that they all talk about, look forward to, and work hard towards? We do! We may sound crazy, but we dream of downsizing to a RV and traveling as a family over the next 5 or so years!

Three things about pursuing a family dream:

1. The joy is in the journey, for real! Even if that dream never comes true, it is so much fun to dream, plan, and work towards that dream as a family!

2. It brings the family closer. The kids see mom & dad actively pursuing a life together and they get to be involved, too!

3. If the dream does come true and it wasn’t all that we thought it would be, so what!? See number one above!

Why we have this dream:
We desire to live life to the fullest with our children. We can’t do much unless we do it as a family, because of the difficulty of transporting our disabled daughter. We are limited to the days my husband has off from work and what little spending money we have left after paying bills. We rarely travel or go on vacations. We want to change that!

We want to have less bills and become “location independent”. We want to experience things with our kids! We want to travel without the hotel expense for a family of nine. We want to show our kids new places and our country’s monuments. We want to spend quality time with our children. We want to be a husband & wife – parenting team. We want to care for and homeschool our kids together. We want to make the most of the life we’ve been given, even if that means doing something abnormal like living and traveling in a RV!! (actually, it isn’t totally abnormal, considering lots of families are choosing to do the same! Even large families!)

With the loss of one child and the devastating diagnosis of our oldest daughter, we really cherish the time we have together as a family. We really want to simplify our life and get rid of stuff that doesn’t serve a real purpose. We want to prove it is possible to live happily in a RV, even as a family of nine! 

To see this dream come true, we are hoping to have a family business and to work from home. The problem is, we aren’t sure what my husband can do from home yet. We are tossing ideas around and are excited of the possibilities out there. We want to do something that our kids can be a part of and that does not require a lot of “manufacturing space”. Have any ideas for us??

I already have my home-based business consisting of Lilla Rose, this blog, my Virtual Assistant work, and freelance writing. We are working hard to make our dream a possibility. It will be done in baby steps over the next few years, God willing.

We also have a long term dream of owning land debt-free and being homesteaders. One thing at a time, though! 😉

What is your family’s dream?

6 thoughts on “Pursuing A Family Dream

  1. Clarissa, without a dream there is no looking forward to a future! Have you considered a small homestead with a tiny house? Maybe renovate a school bus into a RV we had some friends with a MUCH larger family do this.

    1. We have, but with our daughter's medical condition, we aren't in a place to have the financial burden a piece of land would bring, and no way to buy land in full.

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