Pitchin’ A Fit – A Parenting Book Review

Pitchin' A Fit - A Parenting Book Review

Admittedly, I had never read any books by Israel or Brook Wayne before. However, some of my friends highly recommend them as authors. Their reputation, combined with hearing them speak & the title of their latest parenting book, made me jump at the opportunity to review it.

“Pitchin’ A Fit – Overcoming Angry and Stressed-Out Parenting” 

That title grabbed my attention because I can relate. Honestly, I do not really feel angry, but I am definitely stressed-out and then act angry in my parenting. I could give a list of reasons or excuses for my behavior, but in the end, it doesn’t matter. I am responsible for how I treat my 7 (living) children.

Since I know that I am failing in so many ways as a mother, I often pray for Jesus to help me overcome those failures of reacting in stress and anger. I truly want to thoughtfully interact and engage with my children. Pitchin’ A Fit has been an answer to those prayers! I don’t think it will be a quick fix, but I am encouraged and hopeful.

My Thoughts On “Pitchin’ A Fit”

First, I’d like to note the quality of the writing. I always appreciate when authors are relatable, personable, and communicate their mission well. Israel & Brook both do an excellent job of doing all of that and more. They held the attention of both myself and my husband, as I read this book out loud to him.

The book first introduces you to the purpose behind the book and shares tidbits from the authors’ lives. This introduction makes you feel like they understand and that you are not alone in the overwhelmedness of parenting.

Since I went into it knowing that I needed their guidance and wisdom, I was ready for their gentle yet straightforward truth that angry parenting is not right. Thankfully, they go on to point us to the way and the One who can help us overcome it!

This book doesn’t just offer their opinion and thoughts on the matter of parenting God’s way. It shows us straight from the scriptures what godly parenting looks like and how the Lord provides us with all of the tools (wisdom and knowledge) in His Word.

I love how practical and honest this book is. They share real-life examples and have real experience (they have 9 children!), and are the first to admit that they are not experts or perfect. However, with the Lord on their side (and our side!), they know that through the leading of the Holy Spirit, all parents can overcome angry and stressed-out parenting.

This book will walk you through a self-assessment of sorts and get to the bottom of why you are angry and stressed-out and then it will guide you through steps (with the scriptures to back them up!) of changing for the better.

It is not an easy fix, nothing worth anything is ever easy. But, it is a simple solution. It all comes back to Jesus Christ. And, that’s what I love about this parenting book!

Thanks to Cross Focused Reviews, New Leaf Press, and the authors for providing me with a copy for free in exchange for my honest review!

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