My Simple “Life Planner”

My Simple "Life Planner" Hack


I’m a pretty simple girl and I like simple things. So, I used to get by with jotting down quick notes or lists to myself if I thought I might forget something.

Then I started doing freelance writing and had due dates. Then, I gave birth to baby #7 and now I can’t seem to remember a thing!

I also don’t seem to have the time to write down, by hand, everything. So, over the last several months, I have found a simple way to keep my life organized.

No, I don’t mean I figured out how to keep my house from getting messy or how to get the laundry magically folded and put away! lol. But, I figured out how to take what I already had and made it into a blog, business, homeschool, doctor appointment-keeping, homemaking Planner. And, it’s very simple! Ready for it??? Drum roll, please……

I use my smartphone! I admit it isn’t as simple as I’d like it to be since technology is not my thing and I really fought my hubby on getting me a smartphone!

But, now that I have one, I have become quite fond of it and have ventured outside of my comfort zone to embrace it and it’s abilities. So, this is how I have utilized my smartphone capabilities:

(I realize I may be behind the times and this may be old news for most of you… but, it wasn’t for me… so…)

1. I use Google calendar for EVERYTHING!

  • I put every single doctor appointment, article due date, and everything else I need to remember on my Google calendar (usually I access it from my phone, but often on the computer as well).
  • I even put reminders to take my supplements & give my kids their meds. I can set reminders to alarm me 10 minutes, 30 minutes, or 2 weeks (etc.) before, and set several reminders!
  • I can add notes and I can make the event happen once or daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, or even just on weekdays!
  • I include everything from the kids’ birthdays to our wedding anniversary.
  • And, another cool thing is that it is synced with my husband’s Google calendar and he can see everything I put on it (and I can see whatever he put on his calendar!).

2. The other “secret” to keeping things organized is the free app Notes from Google.

  • I can choose to make a list or text and make as many notes as I need.
  • I make grocery lists, write down all of my homeschool goals, & blog posts ideas/goals, etc. I can add to my grocery list all week and then when I go to the store on the weekend, I can “check off” what I get as I put them in my cart… then “uncheck” each item on the list for the next shopping trip! Ta Da! A “master grocery list”! So easy… and so simple!

So, that is how I have been keeping track of my busy life! What do you do??

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