Make 2016 The Best Year Ever With These FREE Resources!

Hey Friends! My inbox has been overflowing with some pretty amazing planning and goal-setting resources for 2016 and the best part is, they all have free options (click each link below for details – some may be free for a limited time)!

I am saving a lot of money this year from just choosing what I need from a variety of places to create the perfect custom planner and goal-setting printables for my Christian walk, homemaking, homeschool, and business!

I wanted to put them all in one place for you, so I have gathered them all to share with you here!

Free Printables To Make 2016 The Best Year Ever!

How do you plan your life? Are you a paper and pencil planner or a digital planner? Please share your favorite planning tools and resources!
I am a paper and pencil planner, but I do use my phone’s note app and calendar to keep track of my to-do lists and appointments. So, I use a mixture of both paper and digital planning tools.
I have not found the “perfect” full planner, yet. I like to piece my planner together and combine all that I need for my home, my kids’ school, and my work. It has worked well for me and it saves me a lot of money. Instead of buying 3 separate planners for $50 each, I create 1 complete custom planner for pennies.

Read this great article for more tips on how to have your best year ever!

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