Literature Based Curriculum Choices

We are embracing literature based curriculum this year as much as we can. We are still in a transitioning phase for some subjects, but we are using Tapestry of Grace for history, Bible, literature, geography, and arts.

It is mostly literature based, with some textbook style reading (which we still love). I have really enjoyed adding to our homeschool library using the suggested books from ToG.

There are several curricula that take on a literature base. I researched a few before deciding on ToG this year. Here is a list of literature based curricula that are available. 

Here is a great article about the benefits of Literature-Based Learning.


Read here how to create your own unit studies based around a piece of literature!

2 thoughts on “Literature Based Curriculum Choices

  1. Sadly you missed BiblioPlan for Families on this list. It is the one that my husband and I write. It is literature based and very similar to Tapestry. It is Christian, Classical, Easy, very family friendly and easy easy to do. It is also very easy on the budget. We have written our own Classically based books that incorporate the Christian history into the Classical history. Julia Nalle – Adopted 2 boys from Ukraine. Spend our days writing for BiblioPlan and advocating for special needs orphans!

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