Introduction to The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading Level 3


I received The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading Level Three in exchange for my honest review. Having already completed levels one & two, we feel extremely blessed to get to continue our studies of the English language and Latin roots using this thorough program this year! I thought it would be beneficial for my readers for me to split my review into 2 parts; Introduction and Full Review.

If you are not familiar with Schola Publications, hop over to their website to get up to speed. In summary, this publisher produces a very thorough English language arts program with an emphasis on Latin roots. There are 4 levels in the elementary grades and 3 levels for the middle grades which switch focus to Latin while continuing with in-depth studies of English grammar. If you want your student (or yourself!) to have a thorough understanding of English and desire an old-fashioned education which includes Latin (which is very important in understanding English, I might add!), then this program is for you!

Okay, on to the Introduction to The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading Level Three!

We school January through November and our school-year has 46 weeks from start to finish, which gives us plenty of room for planned or unplanned breaks. There are 34 weeks in The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading level three. Because of our schedule, I am choosing to spend the first couple of weeks looking everything over myself, watching the Introduction and Lesson One more than once, to be sure I understand how to apply the teaching techniques.


As with the first two levels, level three has 10 DVDs for the teacher. It is intended for the teacher to watch a DVD lesson at the start of each week and Mrs. Beers walks the teacher through one week at a time. This is one of my favorite parts of the program, since I personally enjoy her style of teaching and methods. Her explanations throughout the DVDs are wonderful and informative. I feel like I am being taught the things I have either forgotten since childhood or was not taught at all. I thoroughly enjoy English Grammar, Latin Roots, and everything in between, so this program is a lot of fun for me.

As always, construction terms are used throughout the program. Foreman, Journeyman, Building Codes, Framing Codes, and Designing Codes, etc. If you are not familiar with these terms, well… you should be! I grew up familiar with construction work, so these terms make sense to me.

Since level two introduced the student to cursive in the last few weeks, level three is done completely in cursive. This is causing my (almost) 10-year-old to feel a little nervous, and in his words, “I feel excited, nervous, and scared to start level three because I am not very good at cursive.” I reassured him that he will be writing in cursive like a natural by the end of the year. (He already has better penmanship than myself.)

Level three has the completed Foreman’s Construction Guide (teacher manual), the Journeyman’s Guide (student’s workbook), a reading and composition guide binder for Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin
, and a reading and composition guide for Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman
. The books are included in the complete package. Everything that the student is expected to complete throughout the course of the year is already completed in the teacher’s sections to assure easy reference when needed.

After watching the intro and lesson 1, this is what I have concluded to expect this year.

The first half of the year will be spent mostly in review of what has been previously learned in spelling and grammar. The literary guide for Robert Fulton, Boy Craftsman
 will be included in the first half of the year, as well.

The second half of the year will be adding in new spelling words and grammar (Designing Codes). We will also tackle the literary study of Benjamin West and His Cat Grimalkin
. Latin roots, meanings, and words will be introduced and studied.

It should also be noted that there are some supplies needed to complete level three; including paint, crayons, colored pencils, and cardstock.


I feel similar to my son. I am nervous and excited to start level three of The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading! If I were trying to teach it on my own without Barbara teaching me on the DVDs, I know I would not be able to do it… but with the DVD instructions, I feel confident in accomplishing what’s ahead! I plan to publish my Full Review in a few months, after we have had ample time to use the program.

5 thoughts on “Introduction to The Phonics Road to Spelling and Reading Level 3

  1. Hi Clarrisa! I noticed that your family no longer uses the PR. I was wondering if you could tell me why. We are going to start Level three in January and were currently working through level 1 with a first grader. I have five kids, only two are students right now. But I am wondering how I can juggle this with multiple kids.

    1. I just couldn’t manage multiple levels with multiple kids. My oldest did levels 1-3. While I did level 3 with him, I did level 1 with my younger child and it went ok. The next year I would have had 3 kids in 3 different levels and I felt too overwhelmed. Mostly because I couldn’t manage watching the DVD lesson prior to starting our school week, so I didn’t want to have to watch DVDs for 3 levels every Monday morning. I LOVE the program, it is very solid and *I* learned a lot from it in addition to my children. I use what I’ve learned to tweak other programs to be more thorough. This year we are trying Spell to Write and Read but haven’t gotten too far into it yet, so I can’t determine if it is a good fit or not. If you have a good routine/system in place for using the PR, I’d say stick with it! It really is amazing!

  2. Thank you for taking th time to respond! I do plan on sticking with it for as long as I can. Do you remember how long it took you and your oldest to work through their level three work every day? I was hoping an hour would do it, but wasn’t sure. I haven’t watched the level three videos yet.

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