Learn To Be Content

If you ain’t dreaming, you ain’t living! Or so I’ve been told. And I think it’s true. But sometimes my dreams can make me feel a little discontent. I want to learn to be content, even when life is hard.
I want to be content with the many blessings I have… right here, right now! And usually, I am.
But, it starts out innocently enough… just some fun hopes and dreams of how I want to live someday. I start reading and searching for blogs that feature people living out my dreams. I get excited and enjoy hours of thinking of how things will be someday… staring off while doing the dishes or folding clothes… oh joy!


But… then reality sets in and I start being realistic… these things take time, money, and hard work. It takes a lifestyle we can’t really have with our young kids with medical needs.

You see my dreams are to live on a few acres, have enough chickens to provide ourselves with eggs and meat, raise a beef cow, grow a [successful] garden, drink from a well!! Nothing too fancy… but pretty far-fetched from where we are now.
The thing is, I don’t really want something unless it is what God wants for me. Why worry and fret or wish and strive for something that isn’t what God wants for your life? I know I am where He wants me and that really does help me feel better.
It’s a matter of mindset and I am perfectly happy focusing on making the most of our space, income, and food… right where we are… most of the time.
I find great joy in the day-to-day operations of teaching my kids, cooking, and cleaning… usually.


There are so many things I love about where we live right now, compared to the negatives! There are so many reasons why we need to be here right now, too. Sometimes I have to slow down on dreaming and get back to living real life!

So my thought is: go ahead and dream, but don’t let your dreams keep you from enjoying where you are right here, right now… or from being thankful!
(Do your best and pray it’s blessed!)

4 thoughts on “Learn To Be Content

  1. So very true…I think it is good to dream but we do need to be careful that it doesn't cause us to be discouraged and not really living in the here and the now. I struggle with that..a lot. I have been praying and trying to live, now…and not always just looking into what life COULD be like. I DO believe God has us where HE wants us..for now. I need to remember that more often though..:) Money is always an issue…seems tough to do anything around here with so much debt…but we will just keep plugging along and trusting. 🙂 I used to be able to say, no biggy we have the rest of our lives..but with Felicity turning 18 next month it seems like time is slipping away and nothing is getting done…then I get panicky and think we gotta do something some how faster…then I stop and try focus on the now.. ;)oops not trying to write a book 😉 …but some Good thoughts.

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