Horizons K-2nd Grade Physical Education Review

Our latest review is for Alpha Omega Publications. I chose the Horizons K-2nd Grade Physical Education, because I never make special time for physical education in our homeschool. Our kids are very active, so it hasn’t seemed necessary to add in P.E.
However, I know that staying active is very important, and the older a person gets, the less it comes naturally. I personally need to force persuade myself to be active beyond doing simple household tasks and chores. I thought that this physical education curriculum would give me the kick in the behind I need to get active while teaching my kids P.E.

So, what is it?

Horizons K-2nd Grade Physical Education is a very thick softcover textbook. It is 440 pages thick. It consists of 5 very large chapters, besides the index, bibliography, etc. Each chapter has several sections.
Chapter one covers the perspective for physical education in the Christian school.
Chapter two is the actual PreK and Kindergarten curriculum.
Chapter three is the grade 1 curriculum.
Chapter four is the grade 2 curriculum.
Chapter five is the evaluation text and includes performance outcomes, health fitness tests, motor proficiency records and profiles, and the evaluation checklists.
This textbook is an overview of why physical education is important and covers the reasons it is important to Christians. This book is specifically for the parent teacher to be used with children PreK and older. It is packed full of extensive information for the parent teacher to become educated on not just the ways to implement physical education in the homeschool, but the why.
You will find detailed lesson plans for PK to 2 grades, stick-figure demonstrations for many activities, games, and exercise routines, and even ideas on how to incorporate all subjects into physical education (art, music, language arts, science, and math).
All from a very Scientific and Christian perspective!
All throughout, the message is on how to honor God, others, and ourselves with physical education. It focuses on the health benefits, why we should care for our bodies (our body is a temple), and how to not let P.E. become conformed to the way of the world (outward beauty, etc.). Scripture is quoted throughout to reinforce the teachings and encouragement for staying physically active as children and adults.


This is a very meaty and time consuming textbook. It is actually quite intimidating! It is like taking a full course on teaching physical education to, not just preK through 2, but to everyone! It requires an interest in science, in addition to the desire to become thoroughly educated on the purpose of physical education.
It was really hard for me to stick with reading through the textbook from the start and I found myself skipping ahead to find the actual physical activities to use with my children. I appreciated the stick-figures used to explain many activities.
I did enjoy the Biblical perspective woven throughout and really appreciated the emphasis on why it is important to stay active and healthy according to God’s Word, versus the worldly idea of doing it to be molded to the standards of outward beauty. I agreed with the points made on how being physically active affects our entire life, mind, body, soul, and overall health.
This is really a textbook to be absorbed slowly and over several months of reading. It needs to be taken in small pieces to be thoroughly appreciated and applied. I think it would be best to study this over a summer or long homeschool break, to be prepared to apply the principles during the school year with your children.

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Alpha Omega Review

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