Homemade “truvia” & “brown sugar” Recipes (THM)

I recently made a batch of homemade “truvia” style sweetener. It is very easy to make and cheaper than buying Truvia. I was using xylitol for our sweetener in baking, but it’s hard on our tummys. So, I bought 5 Pounds of NON GMO Erythritol (USA made, Gluten Free, 100% Natural, KOSHER certified) from Amazon (affiliate link) and mixed up some “truvia” sweetener by adding a little pure stevia extract powder (not an affiliate, just the best price for quality I could find!) to it.

I simply mixed 1/2 teaspoon of pure stevia extract powder with 1 cup of erythritol. I use it cup for cup instead of regular sugar in recipes and it has worked great! If you eat it raw (like on toast with cinnamon), it will have a cool sensation on your tongue, just FYI. Erythritol has very little (to none) affect on your blood sugar and tastes great! It is derived from corn, so I chose NON GMO. Stevia is a natural sweetener from the stevia plant. It is extremely strong, so a tiny bit goes a long way!

If you want “brown sugar”, simply mix 1/4 teaspoon of good quality molasses with 1/3 cup of your homemade “truvia” sweetener using a fork until fully combined (you can add a tiny bit of maple extract to help with flavor, as well). We enjoyed this on our coconut flour “THM-S” pancakes the other day, yum!

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