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Since we recently experienced our first lapbook, I was excited to continue the hands-on learning with our Home School In The Woods review! We received Great Empires for elementary aged students. It is an activity/unit study-style kit that covers 14 great empires at their height of history. It is available for $18.95 as a download or $19.95 on CD.  
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Included is a short study of 14 empires and each includes hands-on activities, recipes, games, suggested reading lists, and internet links. The empires included are Ancient
Egypt, Ancient
Greece, Ancient
Rome, Ancient China, Arab-Muslim Empire, Mongolian Empire, Viking
Empire, Spanish Empire, French Empire, English Empire, German
Empire, Japanese Empire, Russian Empire, and The United States of
America. Each can take between 1 and 3 days to complete and can be stretched even longer if you really dive in deep. All texts, masters, and project/activity directions are provided, but you will need to gather your own supplies. Also included is a timeline which includes all Empires.
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We have completed The United States of America, Viking Empire, German Empire, Japanese Empire, and the Roman Empire. The text (1-3 typed pages long) covers the start of the empire and the rise (and sometimes fall) of the empire. We enjoyed reading and learning about the history of each “Empire” and doing the easy craft/activities included. We made games and played them, which the kids loved (Hadassah and Marcus joined in!). Josiah said his favorite part was making (and eating) the recipes that came with each lesson! We have been doing 1-2 empires per week and usually do only what is included in the lesson. Josiah has already read some of the “living books” (biographies, etc.) about the people/time period mentioned in each lesson. He loves reading, so the reading list would have been a huge hit, had we been able to make a trip to the library during the last month. We have found that how/if Christianity impacted the Empire has been included in each study and some even quote scriptures! We have been enjoying it and look forward to completing all of the Great Empire studies!
United States of America

Japanese Empire

German Empire
Viking Empire


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