Continuing Education: A Series Of Articles

Adult education, self-taught, life experience, etc. Whatever you want to call it, when adults have the desire to learn something, they will usually find a way. Enter a parent who chooses to educate their child(ren) themselves at home. Did you know that most (not all, but most) parents who choose to homeschool their children will end up learningRead more

Literature-Based Homeschooling With Multiple Children (Plus A Personal Note)

Literature-Based Homeschooling With Multiple Children

  We used Tapestry of Grace (Year 1) this last year and it has been wonderful. It provided a structured guideline for history, includes geography, and teaches social studies from a Christian perspective. Over the last year, I realized that I love literature-based homeschooling and that it creates the atmosphere that I want, as I teach allRead more

Make 2016 The Best Year Ever With These FREE Resources!

Hey Friends! My inbox has been overflowing with some pretty amazing planning and goal-setting resources for 2016 and the best part is, they all have free options (click each link below for details – some may be free for a limited time)! I am saving a lot of money this year from just choosing whatRead more