The Best Educational Books From Usborne (For A Christian Homeschool)

The Best Educational Books From Usborne (For A Christian Homeschool)


Usborne Books & More is a secular company, so their books are not meant to be “Christian”. However, there are educational books from Usborne that can be used successfully in a Christian homeschool without compromising Christian values.

At first, I was kind of turned off by the secular tone in a lot of the Usborne books, but their nonfiction selection is quite amazing. I have been using a few in our homeschool and though some touch on non-Christian beliefs, they are still great resources.

Before I became an Usborne Books & More Consultant, I was often picking up educational books from Costco for my kids. I wasn’t even paying attention to the brand, just the quality. After a few years of doing this, I realized that they were Usborne Books and that I’d save myself some money if I became a consultant.

So, in 2013 ,I signed up. I have been thankful for their nonfiction books, especially the encyclopedias. They are perfect for STEM studies and pair well with our Tapestry of Grace history curriculum.

By the way, these also make awesome gifts. (Grandparents, take note! hehe) And, this is just a sampling of the many great nonfiction books!

Picture for Shop Page

The Best Educational Books From Usborne

Upper Elementary Books

Illustrated Dictionary of Math

Picture of Illustrated Dictionary of Math - IR

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World

Picture of Encyclopedia of the Ancient World - IL (CV) (Reduced Format)

Encyclopedia of World History

Picture of Encyclopedia of World History - IL (CV)

Science Encyclopedia

Picture of Science Encyclopedia - IL (CV)

Living World Encyclopedia

Picture of Living World Encyclopedia

Lift The Flap Computers & Coding (Great for Lower Elementary, too!)

Picture of Lift-the-Flap Computers and Coding - IR

Coding For Beginners Using Scratch (Scratch is a free online program)

Picture of Coding for Beginners Using Scratch - IR

Lower Elementary Books


Picture of Ants - IR

First Encyclopedia of Science

Picture of First Encyclopedia of Science - IL

Children’s Encyclopedia

Picture of Children's Encyclopedia - IL (Reduced Format)

Big Book of Big Animals

Picture of Big Book of Big Animals

Big Book of Big Bugs

Picture of Big Book of Big Bugs

Big Book of Big Machines

Picture of Big Book of Big Machines

Big Book of Rockets and Spacecraft

Picture of Big Book of Rockets and Spacecraft - IR

Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary

Picture of Illustrated Elementary Math Dictionary - IR

Toddler & Preschool Books

Baby Animals

Picture of Baby Animals


Picture of Flowers

Look Inside Space

Picture of Look Inside Space

Look Inside Food

Picture of Look Inside Food - IR

Alphabet Picture Book

Picture of Alphabet Picture Book

123 Counting

Picture of 123 Counting

Educational Tools

Picture of Learning Wrap-Ups Addition

Picture of Basic Math Resource Kit

We also use their learning wrap-ups for math and their activity books for art/creative time. You can see all of their educational activity products HERE.

Full Disclaimer Here: I personally do not recommend their fiction series meant for elementary grades since they include topics that I would not like my children to read about for pleasure. Also, I do not use their art/artist study books, since some have inappropriate images in them.

Even some of the “silly” toddler books are a little TOO silly for my liking (Everyone Poops was NOT my cup of tea). However, the toddler board books are of very high quality and most are a great teaching tool for preschool ages. The “That’s Not My…” series of board books has been a favorite with my kids since my oldest two were babies.

Some of the books on my list do touch on some non-Christian subject matter as well (cultural, other religious beliefs, etc.). But, in the context in which they are presented and the fact that I am intentionally using these as teaching tools, helps me to be prepared and have meaningful conversations with my children.

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    1. You’re welcome! I’m glad you found this resourceful! Please let me know if you have any questions about our products!

  1. Love, love, love Usborne!! I joined in 2015 and have never looked back! I love the wide variety, the amazing photography in the history and science books and the way they make learning so fun!

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