Two Neat Educational Finds

This year when I received the notice to renew our Home School Legal Defense Association membership, they had the option to renew for 2-years at a discounted price plus receive a free copy of The Adventures in Odyssey “Adventures in American History 1620-1975” 8-CD set! Since we had just gotten our tax refund and had a little extra to spend, I took advantage of this great deal. And I have to say, we have loved listening to these! 23 stories all about our nation and how it all started all of the way up to the Vietnam War… yes, from a Christian worldview (which, of course, I love!). I believe that this Adventures in American History set is a special available only through HSLDA, but The Adventures in Odyssey have a ton of audio stories to choose from! For God and Country (Adventures in Odyssey)
(pictured) has over 4-hours of audio stories about American history from George Washington to Pearl Harbor. I am guessing it is as good as the set I got, but just doesn’t include the Puritans (1620) or the Vietnam War (1970s).

I had heard about The Adventures in Odyssey even as a child, but actually never listened to them ever before now! Crazy! Anyway, I think they are a pretty neat educational tool to have around, whether you home school or not!
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Another neat find that we were blessed with is the Economics for Everybody DVD course by R.C. Sproul Jr. from Compass Classroom. It’s tag line is “Applying Biblical principles to work, wealth, and the world”. It is a 2-disc DVD set and includes a study guide. It is meant for upper middle school to high school level students (Joey & I are the ones enjoying it). I am an affiliate with Compass Classroom, so I was asked to do a survey for them and as a thank you, they gave me a credit to use at their store! I chose to buy the Economics for Everybody DVD set, mostly because it was the cheapest product (lol), BUT Joey and I watched the first 6 lessons (out of 12) and REALLY enjoyed them!

Economics for Everybody

R.C. Sproul Jr. gives each lesson over a 15 to 30 minute time slot and is interesting, engaging, and funny… and the old-style video clips included are an added bonus! So far he has covered Stewardship in God’s Image, Law Liberty and Government, Production Property and Tools, Money Markets and Trade, Capital Calculation and Profit, and From God to Politics… lessons 7-12 will cover Economic Philosophies and Systems, Basic Principles and Education, Inflation and Depressions, Costs of Redistribution, The Real Effects of Sin, and Kingdom Economics. Another great product to check out! (yes, those are affiliate links… thank you!)

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