A+ Interactive Math Review

A+ Interactive Math Review
I wanted to review A+ Interactive Math since math has been a little bit of a struggle for my oldest (now 10). Two years ago, I decided to switch his math program to something completely new to us. That was a mistake and we struggled to use the program all year. We went back to our original math program the next year, but had “lost” a year since we started where we had left off. I’m a firm believer in setting a firm foundation in the elementary years for subjects like mathematics and have been wondering whether my son was grasping the concepts okay. The Adaptive Placement Test and Individualized Lesson Plans from A+ that we have been using are helping us to close the gaps in his math struggles.

A+ Interactive Homeschool Math Review

This 3-month subscription allows the parent to log in and set up a student account. The parent chooses the grade level that the child needs to be tested for. The student can then log in and choose to take a placement test, which includes 14 different concept tests. For 3rd grade, these concepts range from Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, and Division to Geometry and Elementary Algebra. After the timed test is complete, it will show whether or not the child tested at or below grade level.

If they tested below the assigned grade level, an individualized lesson plan is created and the child proceeds to work through the lessons. The goal is for the student to master each concept, retaking the concept test as needed to see where they are at. The lessons are multiple choice with audio. Concepts are explained and examples are visually shown.

The child can spend a week or two taking all concept tests before deciding which lessons plan to work on. Or, they can take the concept tests only until they reach one they need to work on, then proceed to work through the lesson plan, only moving on to additional tests after they have the concept mastered. The 3-month subscription is generally considered enough time to identify any gaps and successfully master them. If more time is needed, simply renew the subscription.


The website is quite easy to navigate and the instructions for each step were easy to follow. I created my account and then set up the account for my son. I had him log on and start taking the placement tests. He did a few the first day and then started doing 1 per school day. He got through 13 before asking if he could stop taking the tests and start working on his first individualized lesson plan for multiplication.

He has now been doing 1 lesson per school day. Each lesson is explained and examples are shown and then he is asked to apply what has been taught. The lessons include interactive Q&As so that progress is tracked. The automatic grading makes it super easy for me and my son loves printing out the “awards” when he gets a 100% score!

Speaking of progress being tracked, I can log in at any time and check what my son has been doing. I can see what tests and lessons he has completed as well as the progress and scores he has achieved. Each lesson takes him around 15-minutes. I have learned through A+ Interactive Math, that he needs to master his Times Tables, so we have been doing flashcards and worksheets. There is online work sheets (included) and supplemental tools (additional – on the website) to use as practice when needed.

Pros Noted: It has been a wonderful tool for evaluating his math skills and the gaps he has been missing. The lessons are short. He is able to complete the tests and lessons on his own with very little help from me. It is pretty self explanatory for the student.

Cons Noted: The audio has not always been of great quality. There have been a few times when the audio was muffled or cutting out, but that could have been our own speakers. The animation is sometimes a little blurry. However, the goal of teaching and helping children master math concepts in the homeschool is achieved!

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A+ Interactive Math Review


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